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    Is a complete new Ryzen PC possible at <$500 for 1080p 60fps high gaming?

    Thinking of starting a new build soon but with a limited budget. I'm thinking Ryzen after all the reviews.
    So trying to figure on a Ryzen build that's possible for gaming at 1080p 60 fps high settings for as little dough as possible?
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    Brand new or second hand?

    For that budget, you're probably looking at a low end Ryzen 3, second hand GTX1050Ti/1060, and with the crazy RAM prices now, even 8GB of RAM will set you back about $100. Not even bringing in PSU, HDD, Case, etc....

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    You're better off finding a G4560 ... if you can

    So, not possible at all. Definitely need to look for a second hand 1050ti at that bracket.
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