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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700/ASRock X370 SLI Killer Personal Thoughts/Review

    It only took me 3 months to talk about it... Well, I had other priorities. Kill me.

    Ever since I upgraded my camera setup and lighting I focused more on getting good imaging and less on benchmarks. Why do I need to do the same as 1000+ other website when I'm on a forum and a low key "hobbyist reviewer" that isn't doing it professionally and on my own hardware I paid for? Well, that might be what put on the map but I'm not being paid and I like photography. In the end, if you're good at doing something, don't do it for free.
    It doesn't pay my bills and everyone basically already knows the benchmarks including perhaps benches done at 3200 RAM frequency i'll talk about those later of what I know, what I've seen and my experience with ryzen and living with it.

    Background :
    I first started off with a quad core (It was that or a i3-3220 you choose :s13 and what's the only way up? That was back on X58 and the only way up is a Xeon X5650 from the LGA1366 Gulftown lineup. It gave me fair enough performance and of course, nobody leaves a 1366 processor stock. Yep, that fair old system was cranked to 4.2-4.4 until the GPU died and caused the PCIe bus to drop out which I mistakenly thought it was the motherboard. Oh well, time for a upgrade and I had already bought into X99 just after the problems started.

    I wasn't having it. And I had money for X99 and a 8 core at that

    Was the experience good? It wasn't as seen that I especially loved to complain about HEAT on the E5 1660 V3 that I had and the MSI X99S SLI PLUS I had first took AGES to POST.
    I had to look for a cheap E5 and that led me to the 2675 V3. Good, it's damn cheap for a 16 core. Really ultra cheap but that is a 16 core and comes with a boost clock of 2.0GHz... It was alright since I wasn't gaming and technically I actually profitted selling off the 1660 V3 and recently I sold the 2675 V3 I actually had more money in the pocket selling the X99-A/USB3.1 figuring in depreciation since it basically cost me nothing more than I bought them for to sell them.

    That was from a personal use standpoint and whether I could live with it. I could, sorta.
    Before that I had two experiences with X99 and it was both bad. Ironically, it's from ASUS and I got some stick from them for saying their X99 was unstable and their X370 launch was poorly handled (Bricking boards and you can google them)
    Everyone I knew that has handled them had complaints of ASUS X99 boards and thinking back I woulda shot myself if I thought I was gonna buy ASUS again... Oh well...
    When X99 first launched, I couldn't overclock the 5930K on the X99 Pro I was both loaned. Nada. Zilch. can't even change a mobo setting without windows throwing 9C BSOD on boot. Hell it won't even load Windows 7 installation.

    then again before I got the 1660 V3 I got a Sabertooth X99 loaner and... it just outright didn't boot. It just sat there flashing it's lights and...
    I thought the 1660 V3 is flaky but it booted fine on my X99S SLI PLUS so what gives? Maybe it's unsupported? Who knows?
    I only know it's still bricked even now. ASUS got back to me offering me a new board round about the time I got the Z170... That was late 2015. Too late.

    Now folks, selling price is based on market price and if I got them lower what's wrong with selling them for LOWER THAN market price which is coincidentally the same I bought them for?

    Obviously, I had issues with the ASUS X99-A/USB3.1 w.r.t stability and long POST times.

    Many times the board would play a round of "I refuse to initialize this and that" today and playing merry go round with the error LEDs!

    I have been accused as an AMD fan in this forum but in truth, I've not used a single AMD CPU for my main system. Not really no, they're all junk before Ryzen for the most part except like a really long time ago when I was still a child.

    That neatly brings me on to my next phase in my own PC, yes, I have a 6700k but the problem with it is I stream. Streaming and gaming at the same time is not exactly perfect on a quad core. Also, general use didn't feel exactly up to my standards either.

    When Ryzen started being hyped by their own marketing team at AMD, I was a bit suspicious about their claims but what do I know, I saw the leaked benches my jaws dropped if even for a moment.
    I knew it was gonna be a 8 core but didn't expect a 65W TDP CPU namely the 1700 or that it can go head on with a 5960X. Yes a 5960x is last gen but how much is between a 5960x and 6900k?
    Both are power hungry monsters and rightly so. I just wanted a platform that is more stable than X99 and something I could OC. I couldn't do that with the 1660 V3 despite claims that they can OC. It was a gamble but when the benches started rolling I knew I had to get one.

    So I did! The moment it appeared on lazada I ordered one and it came days later.

    It wasn't cheap but it's cheaper than 7700k in the stores and that for a 8 core shows Intel has been rather resting on their laurels.
    We have been having quad cores since 2007 and that shows how much AMD hasn't given Intel any competition and therefore software was largely on the backfoot still mostly badly optimized for multi core CPUs.
    Worser than software on backfoot was AMD. Everyone will agree Bulldozer was total... the only way to describe it is that I can only think of a four letter word : it starts with s, ends with t and it isn't salt. Although I am pretty salty with Intel's practices

    In the days leading up to Ryzen launch I was tossing and turning around in bed thinking of what motherboard to buy, at first I had my eye on MSI's X370 Carbon what with a mclaren p1 on their box art until I found out that it had a big price tag and subpar VRMs.
    ASUS was sort of in with the X370 Prime with a lower price tag but I was very much back in the scene on OCN when the X370 C6H started having all sorts of issues including bricking when you updated to a Beta BIOS which was the only other option as you couldn't OVERCLOCK on the stock BIOS when they first came out.
    That wasn't a particularly good sign.

    So I eventually settled on the ASRock X370 SLI Killer after the K4 ran out of stock, kind of good actually because the K4 has more memory support problems that the Killer didn't have despite being almost the same board.

    I liked the white and black theme and that it had an IO cover despite being an entry level X370 board (which I didn't care because what else do you pay for? Magic?)
    I'm not such a fan on the giant white K on the front mine you can't see it when your case is festooned with RGB even slightly and a glowing RGB AIO (HINT!)

    While it isn't the most fully featured board, do you need U.2? Really? Or the craziest VRM setup?

    This is good enough and cost almost nothing and it's not like it's caught on short trousers in the VRM department either. More on that later.

    That's a hint to the VRMs.

    And for a entry level X370 board it even has nice touches like the sweet RYZEN logo in amd's font

    I'm pretty sure nichicon audio means it has nichicon caps. It has a ALC892 which is very last week, it didn't matter to me because I have TWO AKM DACs via USB or optical for my speakers. I use optical when I need to stream because the Amanero doesn't support loopback like optical or the AK4495 DAC equipped with XMOS does.

    It still has a reasonable amount of M.2 slots. One is for the WIFI and one is a X2 slot and a X4 slot as well. Mind you, Wifi slots are keyed differently from X4 slots and the x370 killer has the same slots for both x2 and x4.
    It's worth noting that you can use ALL SIX SATA ports with the first M.2 in use in PCIe mode as AMD's M.2 is from the "SoC" rather than the "PCH" whatever they're calling it. Intel M.2 is usually from the chipset which means bandwidth contention with LAN and USB and SATA even.

    ASRock is listing their USB3.1 ports as USB3.0 on their website. They seem quite confused... but those are real USB3.1 ports.

    The VRM then.

    It's a IR35201 right there, MSI isn't using IR35201 unless you get to the really overpriced titanium. Even the gaming pro carbon is overpriced. :s11:

    It's not like it's not decent. Yes it has a doubler but it is on par with other boards and honestly wouldn't you buy this board if you are anything less than a LN2 OC'er? The doubler or quadrupler crazy days are long over but modern doublers are a lot better than it used to be.
    It's easily more than decent although the VRMs individually are not very powerful but you have easily a LOT of power through 8+4 "phases".
    Even if they're 20amps constant load each you're looking at 200+W for the Vcore alone... That's a lot. Considering they don't really use a lot of power even when OC'd. This particularly board came with SM4336+SM4337 mosfets and they're capable of 40A per channel! Keep in mind they are basically operating in pulse mode not continous which is where the 26A rating for the Niko mosfets and 40A for the SM4xxx mosfets come in. Yeah you'll be very catered for on even balls to the walls water cooling because the 1700 won't do much more than 4GHz which is a bit of a shame but at least they're very efficient.

    Try overclocking X99 and tell me how much power they use... We're looking well beyond 300W :s13:


    And it's so efficient I can do a 3.8GHz overclock on the stock cooler which is very very quiet by stock cooler standards. Not HUGe tower standards but it is very quiet even at full speed.

    Now there are some teething problems like memory support which I somehow got 3000MHz working on a few RAMs that aren't samsung B-die on this board and I might say "what is all the fuss about?" but it's real and genuinely out there. Maybe I was lucky?
    That hasn't stopped motherboard manufacturers from improving on the UEFI firmwares though.

    I've since moved to a AIO but I need new memory sticks because my current sticks are flaky after I don't have those 3000MHz capable sticks anymore.
    It's not a problem on just ryzen those sticks are picky on anything.
    Recently I've been streaming and gaming on a 1070 and the ryzen 1700 on twitch and it has been butter smooth for me and my friend who got a ryzen 1700 and K4 upon my recommendation. I did recommend a Killer but he went K4 because he preferred the red and black theme (which I didn't quite) and the better audio solution.

    I have one DAC for speakers and one DAC for headphones after all and they're all fairly elaborate pieces of kit

    We're talking butter smooth with as good quality you can get on any streaming or recording bandwidth (LTT proved it) and Intel's quad cores really choke with doing both.

    In short, I'm glad I bought into ryzen and took a gamble with the sli killer. Although it did have to be RMA'd for a faulty fan plug

    Tech dynamic distributes them and they have EXCELLENT rma services. Well certainly much better than any other distros i've encountered...
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    Looking good! that would be a compo I would pick for myself as well.

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    Woo, it really been a long time since I visited this forum.

    So how is this setup going?

    I am more into imaging honestly and I have put aside gaming specs because I prefer my consoles over the PC.

    Hope to hear more thoughts on your current system running PS and LR.

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