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    share my new toy, 750 + ASUS P55 TUF SABERTOOTH i55 MOTHERBOARD!



    cpu VRM using 12+2 phase motherboard power supply all Japan make YAGEO Choke , MOSFET whit new design Cera heat sink

    PCH heat sink is same using Cera design

    memory 2 phase,whit MemOK switch and cooling fan mount

    2 group of PCI-E the 16X slot, may set up 8X+8X pattern SLI or Crossfire on this motherboard. In addition the motherboard provides 3 of PCI-E the 1X slot and 2 group of PCI slots.

    rear panel I/O whit EMI eliminator resist interference.

    power input have complete filter.

    Realtek RTL 8112L Gigabit Ethernet

    VIA VT2020 10 Channel (8+2 FP) High Definition Audio CODEC, vicinity have great quantity caps.

    Onboard on/off and reset switch.



    my 750 oc 4g + ddr3 2000 cl9 and biso setting share:

    20x200 Hyper PI 32mb

    Everest 4gb + 2000 C9 Memory Read

    Everest 4gb + 2000 C9a Memory Write

    biso setting:

    CPU load, MOSFET and PCH Cera (heat sink) temperature test share(ROOM temp 18c):

    cpu load temperature by Core Temp

    MOSFET and PCH (heat sink) temperature, thermometer T1=Mosft, T2=PCH

    Mosft idle: 25.6
    PCH idle: 27.5

    Mosft Load: 28.8
    PCH Load: 28.4

    OnBoard VIAVT2020 10 Channel High Definition Audio CODEC in 2 Channel speaker (3W output x2) Test share (short film), ps i using mobile to take only! lol :

    youtube : YouTube - VIA VT2020 10 Channel High Definition Audio CODEC in 2 Channel Speaker 3Wx2 Test

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    Nice but the ceramic Heatsink tends to collect dust due to the rough surface.

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