I am setting up a web server soon[six months], and i wish to get input about your experiences about self web hosting.

Im hosting with Linux and Apache HTTP+Tomcat+JBoss+Oracle 9i.

Apart from (big) hard disk space, im more to find out the interoperability between the M/B, the processer, and the ram.

I wish to find out whether AMD/INTEL scales, and whether duo core should be considered. Im taking aside (amd)Opteron processors and (intel)XEON processors as they are out of the final financial budger. But if there is any compelling reason using XEON/Opteron make a huge difference, please also advise.

Motherboard wise, is there a real reason why one mb may cost more than another mb, exclusing the features(sata II) on the mb? Like if the north/south bridges matters?

For ram wise, i know having dual channel scales. But whether should i start off with 1Gb or 2 Gb ram, that i can't decide.

I am pulling a business static IP line that runs up to ~300 dollars monthly with only <1mb of bandwidth. Hope there is a better alternative.

Whether you have hosted web server, or you are just a desktop user, i would like your input. Such as if you think a certain configuration(probably a amd 3800 64bit with 1gb ram suggested here runs slow on your rig).