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    Question Computer as Digital Cable Decoder?

    Is there any way to use your system as a digital cable decoder? I know you would need a TV tuner card, but is there sofware that would do decoding?

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    MUCHA interesting topic!
    I thought about it some time ago but more like decoding digi sat tv... so many more channels to chose from (around 1k)
    unfortunately feds are red hot on this movement and there isn't a lot info to find on the net (there's quite large counterfeit business going on in UK forging Sky Digital decoding cards.
    Yes, I'd love to get mmy diry paws on some digtal sat tv decoding software:alien5:

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    First you have to have at least basic cable or cable internet to do this otherwise it's stealing. all of the signals are sent on one line just at different frequencies. so your objective is to decode it that way you can see it. all you need is the descrambler box and then get a shady employee to give you the programing code for that particular cable company. Generally the line of diliniation for the signal is your property line, meaning you own and can do whatever you want with the signal once on your property (its legal). So how does the cable company deal with these people. they send out a signal and fu*k up the code on the cardin your descrambler so about once a month you have to reprogram the card. thats it, my friend does it and he gets all of the chanels. paper view is another problem though.

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    The signal is not a problem. I am a digital cable subscriber. The problem is that I don't want to buy another decoder to watch digital cable while on my computer.