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    Looking for a netbook.. Any advices or suggestions?

    Hi all, its my first time in getting a netbook.
    I have a budget of about $600.
    Is it enough to get a decent 10inch or 12inch netbook?
    Able to Msn, Fb, multi-task a little and play some normal games?
    Not laggy too.
    Any recommendations?
    I'm not really sure what to look for in getting a netbook, cos im just getting one to msn and surf the net on the go. (Mobile)
    Thanks for all the suggestions and advice

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    Your budget is acceptable.
    10" or 12" solely up to user, but mostly prefer 10" as it's the "sweetspot" between the compromise for weight/battery life and screen size.
    Basically simple tasks and simple MMORPGs won't have much hiccups. if intense gaming or photoshop/video-editing pls look beyond a netbook cos base on currently technology, it won't suffice.

    There's some hope for gaming though if you can look for the ones with nVidia ION platform, able to play some new games at FAIRLY decent fps. The again, if looking for gaming device, better to go for notebooks and above.

    Based on the limited pricelists at the moment:
    MSI U100 $499, might have better deal last 2 days
    MSI U135 $599, has slightly higher spec-ed CPU but the $100 difference might be hard to justify, again expect price cut last 2 days.

    The pricelists for others not out yet, but usually Acer and LG are more competitively priced. won't be surprised if they go under $400 this time round.
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