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    Industry Standard Web Design: Affordable, Interactive, Performance and Secure Website

    What do I mean by industry standard web design? Nope, it isn't mean you need to maintain with high costs or anything complicated setup which are designed for enterprise but building a truly capable website from scratch with years of best practice to ensure your site is working across all web browsers from IE7~, Firefox 3~ and Google Chrome and you get the satisfication from your customers who like to be serve with responsive website. The magic of getting your whole online business right is finding the right developer who can architect your operations right from the start and yet reduce the TCO by using the industry standard development which is currently used by top companies worldwide.

    Specialized secure web development using:
    XML (XSLT & XML)
    MySQL or NoSQL database for high performance database
    or CMS

    Web Development
    Offer 3 pricing in 3 separate packages:
    Basic (1-7 webpage*) Popular
    Extend (8-14 webpage*) Best Value
    Business (15+ webpage*) Best for business and optimize for high-volume traffic.

    Other Services
    Webhosting (External)
    (Shared Hosting)
    * Most affordable shared hosting with 99.9% uptime, speedy network response, reputable, great technical support and anti-DDos.
    * Brief Featured: PHP 4/5.2/5.3 (Switchable version), MySQL 5, cPanel control panel, etc.
    * Daily backup (Max restore: up to 30 days. Backup that are more than 30 days will be discard.)
    * Unlimited database queries and add/delete/update/update.
    * Billing annually (12 months)

    (Cloud Hosting)
    PM me for more information.

    RIA desktop - Flash/Flex framework
    Faster forward your business productivity with Rich Internet Application that enhance user experience and replace crumbsome or complexity software so that your staff will get things done without any training.

    Mobile App for iPhone and Android
    With over 10 billions mobile device worldwide. A great way to access mobile app on the move with RIA technology (lower TCO and better ROI).

    SEO Optimization for Google, Yahoo and Bing search results
    Optimizing website with the right SEO tools and code will make a difference!

    Why choose me?
    - Experience in development Rich Internet Application project.
    - Security best practice against attack vectors or stolen sensitive data which could hurt your business and trust.
    - Fast lead completion time
    - Knowledge in Web 2.0 and beyond
    - Web design focus on 25% marketing, 25% user experience, 25% creativity, 25% programming to bring an acceptable level of emotional experience to your audience.
    - Not just another web programmer

    Due to time constraint, I accept any categories except:
    Social Networking
    Gallery site
    Educational sites

    PM me for more info.
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    Client: Confidential
    Type: Mobile app (1-week)
    I'm writing to express my appreciation to your service for assisting to develop our enterprise app to work across Blackberry, iOS and Android devices, I'm quite impressed with the user experience you've developed. Till now, our staff still love how responsive and the emotional experience your app has delivered. Well done, RIA can make a huge difference in everyday life.

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    Update packages.

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    Update. Accept new project.

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    How much do u roughly charge to design and program a social media site?

    is there an estimate cost for it?
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    Accept new project for May.

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