Looking for people for focus group!

Group 1 SMEsONLY People who are main decision makers of the SME company for security systems Incentives

@$120 for 2 hours

2 march 7pm-9pm survey

Group 2 House OwnersResidential house owners. Incentives @$100 for 2 hours.

1st march thursday

7-9pm (Incentives: $100)

for SMES

1: Position, Company Name and Nature of business

2: Group 1 will be only for retailers, Group 2 will be for Wholesale trade, Services(e.g Law, architect, restaurants...etc), Retail estate&Business services, Transportation and manufacturing.

3: Employee size: not more than 25 people

4: Office Space: Not more than 459 sqm

5: Willing to pay S$45 and above per mth for security systems

6 All to be open to purchasing or installing home Security systems/ automation/ lifestyle systems in their current residences (either owned or leased)

Race: Fair Mix

Gender: Fair mix

Respondents MUST be very articulate

Pls email me at [email protected] and include ur contact number