- Female Part-Timers, looks age 18yrs - 30yrs (real age does not matter).
- MUST BE pleasant looking with friendly,
enthusiastic and energetic personality.
- MUST BE well-spoken and pro-active.
- MUST BE punctual, responsible and have good working attitude.
- Makeup is a requirement for this job.

Dates: Wed 16th - Sun 20
th May '12.

Time: 9am - 7pm.

Duration: 9hrs per day (not including meal break), 5 days in total.

Nature of Job: To provide simple assistance at a Car Event. Duties such as welcoming guests at entrance, giving out simple info and etc.

Outfit: Polo t-shirt and skirt provided. Wear own sports shoes/sneakers/covered shoes.

Pay: S$7/- per hr.

If you are interested, please email us the following:

1. Resume/short write-up of previous working experiences (please include details such as name, age, address and etc).
2a. Applications without photos will not be entertained so please provide us with any website links where we can access your photos such as facebook, blogs or etc.
2b. Please make sure your profile is not locked or on private.
2c. If you do not have pictures of yourself on any website, please email us clear pictures of yourself.
3. Handphone number (email enquiries without hp numbers will not be entertained).
4. Please state which job/ assignment you are trying for.

Only shortlisted applicants will be informed.

Please email to [email protected] or call Steff +65 9239 8966 for more details (PLEASE DO NOT SMS).

Thank you