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    WTS: Xiao Qi Da Cai Shen - Ai Xin Xiao Shou

    Heard of Ai Xin Xiao Shou?? Xiao Qi Da Cai Shen???

    Xiao Qi Da Cai Shen is a popular variety show in Taiwan where dice games are played and the punishment is using the Ai Xin Xiao Shou( Love Me Hand ) to hit either the palm of the hand, buttock or sole of the foot.

    Looks something like :

    Ideal for playing games in groups as forfeits.

    Bought serveral sticks back from taiwan.


    Close-up of Ai Xin Xiao Shou

    From Left to Right: Red, Blue, Purple

    Approx 65cm in length.

    BNP: $5 per stick(i have only 20 plus sticks with me)

    Collection from either bedok / harbourfront mrt. Other location to be arranged.

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    upz upz...

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    i got one too lol

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    i've got a few at home too!

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    haha....quite interesting to use in grp games...

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