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    Ashaway Badminton Racquets and Bags

    Selling away a pair of Ashaway Badminton Racquet and Bag.

    Won from a recent competition but have no use for it as I already have my own racquet , so selling away at a cheap price.
    These are brand new . Only the bags are open for taking picture and showing you the compartments. I still have the tag for both bags and racquets as proof of authencity. Both racquets are not even open from the plastic wrapping. The pictures taken below are from my friend's racquet as did not want to open the two new ones. They are the same racquets.

    Note : Not selling the bag and racquet separately. If you want the racquet , you have to get the bag too. Likewise if you want the bag.

    Self-collection at Hougang Sports Hall.

    Details of the bag and racquet:

    Bag can fit the most 3 racquets.
    Another small compartment for belongings.
    Comes with a sling

    Racquet is 4U-G2
    For those who do not know what that means , here is a scale that shows you the weight.

    U: greater than 95 grams
    2U: 90-94 grams
    3U: 85-89 grams
    4U: 81-84g
    5U: 80 grams or less

    This racquet is recommended for Intermediates , but beginners or casual players can pick it up too.

    G2 is the grip size. Not really important as all grips can fit all handles.

    Racquets are made of High Modulus Graphite + Nano Carbon , with nano technology in built in the whole racquet.

    The handle of both racquets are still sealed with plastic.

    Will not sell cheaper than 5O dollars for one bag and racquet.

    Tell me your e-mail , and I will send them to you as fast as possible.

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    Upz for the night

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    Upz after a long week! Decided to email the pics only to those who are interested , so do tell me here if you want to meet up or if you want the pictures to be emailed to you , will do so immediately.


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    Current Highest Bid , 5O SGD for both , on SgForums.

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    Upz for the noon

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    send me the pics

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    littletofu : may i have your email to send you the pics?


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    New Current offer by vivisimo of Vr-Zone , stands at 55 SGD for one set. He offered a total of 11O SGD for both sets.


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    Up! Closing deal by 18th

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    interested. offer 120 for both rackets and bag.
    email : [email protected]
    sms: 81162114.


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    New bid from Wudimax at 12O SGD for both sets.

    If there are no higher bidders by Wednesday , will close deal with him.


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    Deal Closed , Won by Wudimax at 6O SGD for one set , 12O for both. Thanks for all who offered!~

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