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    Selling A level/O level notes and textbooks!

    Hi, I am selling 2nd hand textbooks and notes.This is purely with the intention of offsetting the cost of 15 years of education so far, since I have no use for the notes as well. The stuff will be useful to you not only in your academic pursuit, but also represents cost savings to you.

    Due to low prices of these items, please self collect at Yio Chu Kang MRT station area, or Ang Mo Kio central. I see no point to sell something for $1 only to incur $0.90 travelling cost(to and fro).

    I can be contacted at 93253077 for further discussion of any notes or stuff you wish to buy.

    Information regarding the things I’m selling here are correct as of time of post.

    When I say “plastic wrapping”, it refers to the wrapping I wrapped myself to protect the book, not the wrapping you have when you buy the book.

    anything in red means that they are RESERVED.

    It would be nice to sms me and reply to the thread if you're interested. Thanks(:

    Stuff for sale:

    O Level:

    1. Full Geography

    2. Full Physics

    3. Full Chemistry

    4. Elective History

    5. A Math

    6. Express Chinese

    A Level:

    7. General Paper

    8. Physics H2

    9. Chemistry H2

    10. Mathematics H2

    11. Economics H2

    12. Chinese H1

    1. Full Geography:

    1.1 Aspects of Physical Geography 2001 Edition. By Marianna Chong. Some highlights inside. Some useful notes written inside. Condition: 7/10. Selling at $8

    1.2 Aspects of Human Geography by Marianne Chong. Some highlights inside. Condition: 8.5/10. Selling at $10

    1.3 Longman Atlas Singapore and the World. Completely unused book, with plastic wrapping I wrapped still there. Condition: 9/10. Selling at $8.

    1.4 Longman The New Reading Tropical Maps Fifth Edition. I wrote some answers to the mcq in pencil inside, so it can be erased. Otherwise, condition is about 8.5/10, with the plastic wrapping I wrapped still there. Selling at $8.

    2. Full Physics

    2.1 Physics, A Course for ‘O’ Level Second Edition. By Charles Chew, Leong See Cheng and Chow Siew Foong. An almost unused book, with plastic wrapping still there. Condition is 9/10. Bought for $26.46, Selling at $18.

    3. Full Chemistry

    3.1 Chemistry Matters for GCE ‘O’ Level. By Chen Ling Kwong and Tan Yin Toon. Condition is about 7/10. Handwritten notes inside. Selling at $12.

    4. Elective History

    4.1 The 20th Century, As It Was Lived, A History of The Modern World. By Nigel Kelly and Paul Shuter. Some hightlights inside. Condition is about 7/10. Selling at $7.

    5. A Math

    5.1 New Additional Mathematics. By Ho Soo Thong and Khor Nyak Hiong. Condition is 7/10. Selling at $10.

    6. Express Chinese

    6.1 A book of the best essays on the most hotly debated topics for bao zhang du hou gan. Little highlighting inside. Selling for $4.

    7. General Paper

    7.1 NJC content package on Aspects of Modern Life, Old and New Media, and Science and Technology. Very good notes for content revision. Little highlighting in all of them, very very little handwriting in it. Selling at $5 each.

    7.2 A short compilation of 4 good essays written by NJC students. Vetted and commented upon by teachers. Selling at $0.80.

    7.3 NJC “General Paper Year 2 Readings”. A booklet given to the better classes of NJC, includes various comprehension passages, notes on topics such as morality etc, A level essay questions. Some highlighting inside. Selling at $6.

    7.4 NJC GP booklet on gender issues and mass media. Notes on the 2 issues are inside. Selling at $3.

    7.5 NJC GP booklet notes on critical reading skills, reading skills, essay writing, comprehension skills, various linguistic errors to avoid etc. Selling at $5.

    7.6 NJC booklet of comprehension passages. Selling at $3.

    7.7 NJC booklet notes on AQ. Selling at $1.

    8. Physics H2

    8.1 GCE A Level Physics A level questions from 1976-2004. Provides an excellent source of relentless practice. Topical practice. Condition is 7/10. Selling at $5.

    8.2 A Level Challenging Drill Questions for H1 and H2. Answers provided. Condition is about 8/10. Selling at $9.

    8.3 NJC H2 Physics Revision Notes. This is a summary of some of the more difficult topics such as gravitation and nuclear physics. It is highly recommended for people who need help in physics. Selling at $2.

    8.4 Physics Parts 1 & 2, Third Edition. By David Halliday and Robert Resnick. This is a physics textbook which has 1131 pages not including appendices. It is not of the current syllabus, but is extremely comprehensive, detailed and perfect for students who wish to pursue physics in greater depth. It is about 6cm thick, just to illustrate how comprehensive it is. Original price is $34.40, selling at $25.

    8.5 Physics, A Textbook for Advanced Level Students. By Tom Duncan. This is a textbook on Materials, Mechanics, Fields, Waves and Atoms. It is not of the current syllabus, but is very detailed. Has about 580 pages. Includes revision questions after each chapter, and answers are included. Original price is $42.50, selling at $25.

    9. Chemistry H2

    9.1 GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry A level questions from 1983-2004. Topical practice. Condtion is about 7/10. Selling at $9.

    9.2 A Level Challenging Drill Questions for H1 and H2. This is the photocopied version of the book, but nonetheless useful. Answers not provided. Selling at $8.

    9.3 NJC JC2 Chemistry revision exercises. Questions from ACJC, HCI and SAJC included among other JCs. Answers for paper 1 are provided. Selling at $4.

    9.4 NJC Organic Chemistry Revision Exercise. Includes only organic chemistry questions from A level papers. It is categorised according to the type of organic chemistry question, for example, “reaction mechanism”,” synthesis” etc. Selling at $4.

    10. Math H2

    10.1 GCE A level H2 Math TYS 1999-2008. Topic by topic. Condition is about 6/10. Selling at $2.

    10.2 GCE A level H2 math A level questions November 2007 edition. Condition is about 9/10. Selling at $4.

    10.3 NJC H2 math prelim papers 1 & 2. Contains papers 1 and 2 from various JCs including RJC and HCI. Answers included. Selling at $4.

    10.4 NJC H2 Math Prelim Exam revision package(Pure Math). This is a topical revision book on pure math. Short answers included. Condition is about 6/10 due to writing inside using pencil, so it can still be erased. Includes notes on the various pure math topics. Selling at $3.
    10.5 Worked solutions to 2007 and 2008 A level H2 math paper 1 & 2. Selling both together at $0.50.

    10.6 NJC H2 Math Prelim revision Package(Stats). This is a topical revision exercise book on stats only. Answers included. Some writing inside using pencil. Notes for each stat topic are included. Selling at $3.
    11. Economics H2

    11.1 Economics Paper TYS yearly questions (GCE A level questions). From 1997-2006. Selling at $0.50.

    11.2 Student written essays, vetted by an NJC teacher. Contains essays on both micro and macro. Selling at $2.

    11.3 NJC Case Study revision package for prelim. Contains case study questions from the prelims of various JCs such as HCI and VJC. Has both micro and macro questions. Includes A level 2008 case study micro question. Selling at $4.

    11.4 NJC Essay Revision package for prelims. Contains essay questions from the various JCs such as HCI and RJC and A level questions from various years. Questions are categorised according to topics, such as "resource allocation" and "inflation". has both macro and micro questions. Selling at $4. Does not include answers.

    12. Chinese H1

    12.1 H1 Chinese Course Book for Pre-U Students(textbook). Condition is about 5/10. Selling at $3.

    12.2 H1 Chinese Assessment for Pre-U Students(workbook). Condition is about 7/10. Some writing in pencil inside, so it can be erased. Selling at $3.50.
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    hello, i'm reserving 7.2,7.4,7.7,11.2,7.3 and 9.4, thanks1

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    hi. i am reserving 11.4 7.1 7.5
    can i ask if u can photocopy another set of 7.2 7.3 7.4 11.2 and sell me?
    and another question is is 8.3 a 2008 summary notes that is given to njc students with wu lin mi ji written on it?

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    contact me @ [email protected] directly thanks!

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