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    Angry Birds finally smashes into Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft may have left a less-than-favourable impression on Rovio Mobile by using the Angry Birds logo in an advertisement to tout that theWindows Phone 7 will have a ton of cool apps well before the latter has yet to even commit to such a port (if at all), but the latest turn of events seems to suggest that the game's developers have since decided to let bygones be bygones. After all, that can be the only reason Angry Birds is now available for download on Windows Phone 7, no?

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    Angry Birds finally smashes into Windows Phone 7

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    how many friends around you use WP7? for me: zero. Most of my friends using iPhone, follow by Android and BlackBerry.

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    haf not seen much win7 phones ard as well. seem like more pple carrying samsung s1 and s2 nowadays.