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    anyway to connect to the home network when away?

    if i am away from home, is there anyway i can connect to my home network to access the data? just curious.

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    yup there is for sure

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    sorry, forgot to mention i am using the htc sensation 4g. any suggestions?

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    first, your home computer must be ON and connected to internet all the time.

    for my case, i just enable ftp services in my windows 7 pc, i can upload and download files using my phone. you can find many android ftp app in market place.

    you can remote in to your pc using teamviewer or remote desktop.
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    Or you can buy a network access storage to keep your data in. In a longer run, its cheaper especially if your not the kind to leave your desktop on. Either way, you will have to port forward to your router to access your network by connecting the router/modem to a dynamic dns hosting service like dyndns.

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