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    [Solved] Asus Zenbook's 3 YEARS warranty, any one know how to register?

    Guys, I really need help asap...

    I just bought a Asus Zenbook from South Asia Computer @ Funan.
    The seller stated that it will be extended to 3 Years. And keep on insisting me that I will just need to register at

    However, when I finish registered, there is no indication saying that my Asus Zenbook has 3 years warranty.

    Then I saw the "Warranty Extension Activation" section, which prompt me into this:

    The problem is that there is NO WARRANTY CARD given to me, neither the Contract code from Warranty Card* or Password from Warranty Card*.

    So how can I activate the 3 years warranty? Was I scammed by the seller at South Asia Computer?

    I'm giving this laptop to my Aunt outside of the country in a couple of days, and I need this info, please help me, thanks guys...

    One more thing, in the brochure there was NO INDICATION of the extended warranty. Only when I explicitly asked for it, they say they will give it to me. (Is it another trick?!)

    Also there is one good thing, which is that in the receipt they gave me, they say it's 3 years warranty International (Covered by Asus).
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    was anyone in the same situation?

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    my recommendations: go down to the shop with the laptop and everything and get them to help you.

    if they can't, demand for refund.

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    thanks bro, but I finally managed to call Asus today. After checking my Serial number, they said it comes with 36 months warranty automatically, don't need any registration

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    even for those who bought before they change the warranty period?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    even for those who bought before they change the warranty period?
    no idea bro, u can call and ask them. I think they will do anyway

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