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    Eee PC running Mandriva 2008 Spring-my personal experience

    Thanks for the tip from doody ( and encouragement from the others, this was one linux OS I had wanted to review in my free time..

    I had previously reviewed and tested EEEPCLinuxOS ( and PCLinuxOS MiniMe ( both which are based on Mandriva, so testing Mandriva 2008 Spring was a familiar and relatively easy task..

    You can download the iso livecd from

    There are 2 versions..the KDE and the GNOME versions of their iso..
    This review is based on the KDE version..

    In addition there has been alot of chit chat about this linux distro at eeeuser

    mkrishnan the moderator at eeeuser had problems installing the iso onto his thumbdrive..and he was only able to test Mandriva 2008 Spring via VirtualBox and not on his eee..

    2008-03-09 11:07:56 am
    Moderator there a way to make a bootable USB of Mandriva from the ISO without booting the ISO itself first? I tried what seemed like the sensible thing: copying the files to a bootable USB partition, using lilo to put an MBR on it, syslinuxing it, and moving the syslinux.cfg file to the appropriate location. The kernel loads. The initrd seems to load. And then it drops out of warp, goes through some things that seem to be regarding probing the mass storage and IO, and then dumps into busybox......

    ....this time I'm playing with it in VirtualBox, which seems completely able to load it, at least in Live mode, with the exception that Mandriva mis-detects the resolution. So I'm going to install it to a VirtualBox disk image (since that should be a lot faster than using it live), and play with it that way for now....

    That means I can't see native Eee hardware support, but at least I can get a feel for where Mandriva has gone.

    Here you can see it installing in VirtualBox, albeit temporarily running at 640x480 (it's the lower-right window).
    I had no problem installing the iso onto a cheapo 1gb sd card ($7.90 from IT show) and ran it from there..

    What I like so far:

    1. 3D & Compiz is activated by wobbly all around.
    2. Firefox latest version 2.12 and another browser Konqueror
    3. Easy to use Network Manager but I kinda miss the Network wizard as in pupEEE (
    4. Open Office suite installed

    Pic #1 About page

    Pic #2 Compiz fusion effects come into play will notice your woobly windows and mirror images...hehe

    Pic #3. Scanning pages become a breeze with compiz on..

    Pic #4 Firefox is the latest to date v2.12

    Pic #5 Youtube works wells,means it is already flash the David Beckham vs Sumo Pepsi commercial is hilarious...

    Pic#6 Banking & Trading sites like KE Trade sites work..means it is already Java enabled

    Pic#7 Comes also with another browser Konqueror..

    Pic#8 Open Office Suite available

    Pic#9 Sound & Video applications..hmm..TVTime Television Viewer looks interesting..

    Pic#10 Bluetooth File Transfer all set to scan...

    Ratings: 3.5 out of 5...I prefer the EeeLinuxPCOS because of their easy/adv modes and their more beautiful GUI...

    tks for viewing..

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    Another good review by vrzone24hrs.
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