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    Which laptop should I get?

    Hi, I need to get a laptop for school. I've narrowed my choices down to four but still need help choosing one. These are the four laptop that I'm looking at and recommended by my school.

    Dell Ultrabook XPS13
    Dell Ultrabook XPS14

    Lenovo Thinkpad T430

    HP Elitebook Folio 900

    P.S. Laptop for school work, watching movies and playing some light games

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    What kind of light games are you looking for?

    You can check out our XM 17 model if you are looking for a budget gaming laptop - especially with our IT Show promotions now

    VRZone - Aftershock PC IT Show Promotions

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    Check if theres a Lenovo Y400 or you could buy a laptop from Aftershock.

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    Dell is a great brand (I still have my old one), unlike my gateway laptops that died so stay away from any old/refurbished gateway laptops. However, I have not had an issue with Acer, the brand that bought them. Try checking them out.

    Oh and don't count out refurbished laptops: you save a lot of money. Visit ubid for manufacturer refurbished laptops!

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    I would check out an Acer laptop, they're really nice.

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    go for either MSI or ASUS laptop, there are a variety of those which are not really expensive and yet has a better specs for you to enjoy gaming and work. Asus has made a name for themselves by making good looking laptops, really premium look and finish, the specs are also a topnotch. I'm using an MSI ge620dx, really a great one

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