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    Where can I get portable mobile hotspot?

    I am visiting Korea next month for two weeks. This is actually my second time. last time I visited, I had difficult time to connect free wifi. So this time, I am thinking renting portable mobile hotspot. Where can I get such device?

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    Portable mobile hotspot device is at Incheon airport. There is a rental place called Widemobile, which I used on my korea visit. It had a good quality device and lower fees compared to other wifi renting companies such as Pocket Wifi Korea or Olleh. Also, I strongly recommand you to reserve the device online and pick it up at the airport, becuase when I got there, there were only two devices left. If they are running out of stock, you have to wait long time to recieve your item.

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    You can get them at Changi airport as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unknownfame View Post
    You can get them at Changi airport as well.
    I already visited Korea and rented from Widemobile, sorry next time if i have a chance to visit Singapore, I will get it from Changi. I am sure Changi airport has an excellent portable wifi service like Widemobile.

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