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    (RMA'ed) Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2 rev. 1.3

    • Peruse these conditions prior to any purchase consideration.
    • Transaction (either self-collection or delivery) can occur between north-south bound train stations before 0800HRS or after 1930HRS or about Tanjong Pagar Station at (al)most given daze.
    • ; With priority or prerogative (of dealing location) predetermined to either the highest bidder or purchase of majority of the items listed.
    • Immediate transaction (eg. within 8 hours of item(s) posted) however, would be subject to BNP purchase with a benefit of transaction at the individual's choice of train station.
    • Otherworldly methods of transaction (eg. Postage costs) will be borne by the receiving individual.
    • Ensure that communication is consistent and thorough; negligent (eg. questionably daft or of those instances when sarcasm must be duly administered) inquiries through PM, phone or thread will be promptly dismissed.
    • As above, insufferable efforts (and related temperament) subjected towards listed price(s) will be considered with invectives humanly possible.
    • On that regard, any deformities or inherent defect of items listed will be disclosed with
      due transparency (unless otherwise unperceived post purchase)
    • Be advised that concomitant pictures are for illustrative purposes only, it may not be an accurate indicator of a weathered product (or the sanity of its previous (ab)use)...unless otherwise mentioned.
    • Invoice can be provided upon request should it have not been a chosen detritus of being unintentionally maliciously reduced to ashes.
    • Leave a trade rating should you mentally deem fit, reciprocal (wherein discourteous use of) trade rating would be subject (or abject) to mentioned criteria or observation on my part.
    • And a genteel reminder - thread closure will only occur upon BNP/RP offer; offers attempting immediate transaction below BNP/RP would not be considered - thus ensure transparency in that all genuine offers are reflected on this thread, embuggerments through PM with the mentioned intent will be disregarded, vehemently.
    • Thank you for your support.

    (RMA'ed) Gigabyte GA-H55M.3-S2 rev. 1.3 (Intel® H55 Express Chipset)

    Only its rear I/O shield panel could be identified amongst fragrant odours after 21 days (of personal warranty) of live contribution in an electric chamber.

    BNP/RP : $60.00 * (Sold to HOKOKO)

    *Listed price is negotiable
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