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    Telephone Line Authorization Letter For Singnet.

    Hello everyone,

    I am a new to be Singnet user. I am renting a room and staying with owner of the house. The house does not have broadband yet and i would like to apply it under my name. I went to Singtel Hello shop and they want me to write an Authorization Letter. I do not know how is the format and content should be.

    Does anyone have the format or guildline of the Authorization Letter to share with me? Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


    Ah KeoNg

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    whats the authorisation letter for again? the telephone line or the broadband?

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    It's broadband de. But i need to write this letter that i have been authorized to use my owner's telephone line to apply for the singnet broadband.

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    You can also get the SingNet broadband via another 2-steps approach:
    1. Get permission from landlord for a new SingTel line, apply under your name.
    2. Apply for the SingNet broadband, under your name.

    If you do this approach, all the bills will come under your name.

    But if you use the landlord's phone line, I think the SingNet broadband bill will go under the landlord's name. You might get blamed and get boot out of the house if their phone line (voice calls) don't work for no apparent reasons. No, just kidding.

    Alternatively, you might want to strike a deal with the landlord and share (cost?) the broadband connection.

    Have fun

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    wat format type u need?
    jus indicate the landlord personal detail. ie name, nric, address.
    also indicate ur name, nric as well.
    indicate u r tenant, hence ur landlord auth for ur sign up.
    reg a tel line, den sign up BB better. all bill come under ur name.
    to avoid any dispute with landlord.

    rem to ask ur landlord sign as well as u too.
    to be safe, photcopy landlord nric and indicate tat shd be used for BB sign up.

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    Thank you all for the advise. =)