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    The upcoming battle between Smartphone and next-gen Consoles

    Let's discuss something that is not really being talked about right now, the smartphone and gaming industry. Smartphones really shined throughout 2010, with Apple's iPhone and iOS dominating as well as Google and their Android OS. These were based off single-core designs and relatively basic GPUs included.

    This year we're on the verge of having quad-core CPU smartphones backed up with 12-core GPU's all inside a smartphone (or should it be 'super-smartphone'?) that will barely get warm under load. Tablets are becoming a tour de force in all industries and will surely take pot shots at the notebook industry and possibly overtake it in a relatively short period of time.

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    diao... fail article. quad-core 1Ghz still loses to any dual-core out there. 12-core GPU vs 1600 stream processors.

    next-gen consoles will cfm win in processing power.
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    I will gladly go for a console than to strain my eyes looking at the puny screen on the smartphone to be honest. It is not so much about having the right hardware in the smartphones. There are other factors to consider as well. Smartphones are more for mobile gaming, so would be a threat mainly to mobile consoles. Also, the form factor will also limit what gets to go into it, as compared to a console which is bigger and can have more sophisticated hardware. Only problem with console is that it takes a very very long time to see a new gen, while the smartphone evolution is extremely fast, so I am not surprise a phone is able to perform close to what a current gen console can do. My take is still the same, even if they both perform the same, I would still use my console for gaming since I can use my 47 inch LCD TV, as oppose to the eye straining 4 inch? Which one do you think makes you feel more immerse in the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psolord View Post
    We will be playing smartphone ports on our PCs in no time!
    yup. angry bird is one of it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by glyfone View Post
    yup. angry bird is one of it...
    Yeah, but this is a welcome exception.

    I meant 3D ports and yes I was exaggerating!

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    i think he the writer meant gaming handheld consoles, portable should only fight the portable

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    It will be nice if hand phone able to play psp game
    But the battery should last for at least longer first.

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