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    Post Penryn 3.33GHz vs QX6800 2.93GHz

    Gelsinger opened with the first Intel-supplied numbers on how well Penryn stacks up to its predecessor on a number of different application domains. According to Intel, a 3.33GHz Penryn processor (12MB L2 cache) on a 1333MHz frontside bus posts the following increases versus the newly released Core 2 Extreme QX6800 processor:

    15 percent in imaging-related applications
    25 percent for 3D rendering
    40 percent for gaming
    40 percent for video encoding (SSE4-optimized)

    Note that the typical caveats about vendor-supplied benchmark numbers that come lacking important information apply.

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    you have to keep in mind that they didnt compare at the same clockspeed and fsb and cache sizes.
    40% faster than kentsfield with a 15% faster clock and a higher fsb that would bring a 5% boost. then maybe another 5% boost from the larger cache.

    so at the same clockspeed and the same fsb and the same cache a kentsfield a yorkfield would be this much faster:
    0 percent in imaging-related applications
    0 percent for 3D rendering
    15 percent for gaming
    15 percent for video encoding (SSE4-optimized)

    the gaming and video encoding boosts sound very odd.
    im sure they are both "up to" and can only be seen with one or very few apps.
    maybe they mean only in some cpu limited games you get a 40% boost, like supreme commander?
    and the video encoding boost is only with sse4, so most apps will probabaly see only a boost from the higher fsb, higher clockspeed and slightly larger cache
    its good to see that intel wont have another refresh that is actually slower than the predecessor like they had in the past though
    but all this 40% boost is just marketing imo

    so at the same clockspeed yorkfield would be 15% faster than kentsfield in games? i cant believe that this is an average gaming result...
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    so when exactly is penryn going to be release?

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguin1
    so when exactly is penryn going to be release?
    Don't worry about the Penryn. For the time being lets enjoy the price war and extra 2mb L2 cache for 6X20 series

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    the boost could also probabaly be due to the die shrink... possibly had a slight change in architechture we wouldn really know... unil more in-depth specs are released...

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    Hoot Liao!
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    my god