Appleinsider claims to have received a tip off that Apple will not wait until Intel's Ivy Bridge shows up next year in order to refresh its Macbook Pro laptops. Until recently it had been thought that Intel would release its Ivy Bridge successor to Sandy Bridge late this year, but now it is expected to turn up in the second quarter of 2012.

Not wanting to wait around, Apple will equip its high-end laptops with Intel's revamped Sandy Bridge based Core i7 processors, according to Appleinsider. The parts range from the Core i7-2640m all the way up to the Core i7-2960XM, however it should be noted that the web site did not reveal which Macbook Pro models will have what Intel chips, though it did say Apple will refresh its machines by the end of this month.

Apple is not waiting for intel's ivy bridge to refresh macbook pro- The Inquirer