Rightware launched the Basemark OS for Android, the latest addition to company’s world-class roster of benchmark products. Basemark OS for Android enables an objective system-wide comparison of Android-based devices with accurate and a reliable suite of benchmark tests for mobile phones, pads, consumer electronics and other embedded devices running Android OS on ARM and x86 architectures.

Basemark OS for Android provides a comprehensive set of tests with easy-to-understand test reports: system tests aimed to stress the standard Android applications, messaging services, Java, file operations, memory IO, databases, zip compression and decompression, as well as the classic Dhrystone ALU and Whetstone FPU tests. The graphic tests featured in Basemark OS for Android allow accurate measurement of 2D imaging, image scaling, JPEG, PNG and GIF encoding and decoding, and a compelling 3D test set with fillrate, polycount, lighting, texturing and rendering tests, plus a 3D game test based on OpenGL ES. Media decoding tests include H263, H264, MP4 and 3GP video decoding tests as well as AMR, AAC, MP3 and WAV audio decoding tests. In addition, Basemark OS for Android provides program startup tests for various standard Android applications, Bluetooth and Dialer.