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    G92 expected to launch on 12-Nov

    G92 expected to launch on 12-Nov, under the name of GeForce 8 family

    Although NVIDIA has a much greater market share in GPU industry, but they never slow down the pace in the competition. G92 and G98 are to be launched to mainstream and lower end market respectively.

    The next generation of mainstream NVIDIA G92 chip will be launch at 12th November, to replace the current GeForce 8800GTS series. The G92 GPU is to set to compete with AMD RV670 which expected to come out on December. The other GPU, the G98 is answer to AMD's RV620 GPU which target the lower end market. The launch date of G98 is not confirmed yet.

    G92 GPU is using 65nm process and manufactured by TSMC, technical specification is similar to 8800GTS with 256 bit memory controller, supporting the new PCI-Express 2.0. Texture fill rate goes from 25GT/s to 50GT/s. The GPU will fully support HDMI and PURE VIDEO GEN 3, using DISPLAY PORT output but the G92 GPU will still name under GeForce 8 family.

    Despite NVIDIA respond quickly to the demand from the market, leading its rival but according graphic card maker currently GPU industry suffering for chipset shortage. When NVIDIA fully transfer to 65nm process, its low production rate will become more serious. The situation will be eased unless AMD smoothly conduct their 55nm process this Q4, or the graphic card industry will continue to suffer.

    Original Text

    NVIDIA G92繪圖晶片支援PCI-E 2.0
    仍屬GF8家族 暫定11月12正式推出

    雖然NVIDIA於繪圖晶片市佔中,大幅度拋離其主要對手AMD, 卻亦未有因此而放軟手腳,將推出l中階G92及o低階G98繪圖晶片,更不斷進行研發工作以加強實力,並分別由高階至最階全面夾擊對手。

    據了解,NVIDIA新一代中階產品G92晶片將會暫定11月12日登場,並取代現有的GeForce 8800GTS系列,迎戰AMD 預期12月登場的繪圖晶片RV670。 另一款針對較低市場,迎擊對象為RV620晶片的G98繪圖晶片,目前則仍未有上市日期。

    新一代G92繪圖晶片採用65奈米製程並由台積電代工,其規格與8800GTS相約,但卻是256Bit記憶體控制器,支援新一代PCI-Express 2.0,速度由上代只有2.5GT/s提升至5.0GT/s,此外更全面支援HDMI及PureVideo Gen3,並採用Display Port輸出接口,而G92將仍以GeForce 8家族命名。

    雖然NVIDIA 市場反應敏捷,處處領先對手,可是,據繪圖卡業者表示,面對目前繪圖業chipset缺貨,當NVIDIA正式全面導入65奈米製程後,其產能不足問題將會更加嚴重。唯有等待AMD在Q4開始導入55奈米順利,才能舒緩此缺貨問題,否則繪圖卡業界將會面對一定困難。

    此外,NVIDIA亦發表另一利好消息,面對較早前曾傳出NVIDIA G80、G84及G86晶片不會支援DirectX 10.1及Shader Model 4.1,從而令到市場上一度出現惶恐的問題。不過NVIDIA近日已澄清有關消息,並指有關消息實屬謠言,NVIDIA表示其G80、 G84及G86 晶片早已為DirectX 10.1及Shader Model 4.1作出準備,當Microsoft正式發佈DirectX 10.1、Shader Model 4.1後,NVIDIA在驅動程式上作出配合,便可順利解決問題。


    p/s: the translation from traditional chinese to english was not easy to me, please be tolerate of my grammar and translation mistake in the above article
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    so it is going to call 8900GTX?
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    if they wish to sell better in China, nVidia shall name it 8888GTS or 8888GTX. selling it at RMB 888.88...lolz
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    launch on me birthday..omen from the transistor gods
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    Quote Originally Posted by raysusan
    so it is going to call 8900GTX?
    i doubt that since both GPUs are mainstream chips. I could be wrong about the g98. although:
    Nvidia's G98 is a mainstream chip

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    They should have shrink the 8800gtx and ultra too... Those 2 super big cards ~_~...

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    If we do nt upgrade to PCI Express 2.0,what are we losing out in laymen's term,I googled already,but they say it increases the aggregate bandwidth to 5GB/s,what does it mean ?
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    y dun use online translator (although they're cmi lah) thanks for the effort.

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    anyway, G98 here i come