We found out that AMD is quite pleased with the progress of the R680 card. The dual-GPU RV670 card is suppose to be the next big thing from AMD/ATI, and right now it seems that the card will be ready for launch in January or early February. At the same time we hear that the card itself is suppose to be quite convenient in size. Although still big, the card is suppose to keep the same height as current high-end cards, just longer. There will be people with too narrow cases, but it shouldn't be a problem for the high-end users.

Even though the upcoming Radeon HD 3870 and 3850 will sport lower frequencies than expected, this is entirely due to the coolers. R680 will instead sport a massive cooler similar to the one R600 has, and we all know that this is a good cooler considering the heat that the R600 emits. Copper and heatpipes will join to keep the beast at bay, and even make it possible for it to run at frequencies similar to that of Radeon HD 3870, which means about 775 MHz.