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    Intel launching E8XXX, Q9XXX & E5XXX series processors Jan-Apr 08

    Intel launching E8XXX, Q9XXX & E5XXX series processors Jan-Apr 08

    Jan 08 - E8190/E8200/E8300/E8400/E8500/Q9300/Q9450/Q9550
    Apr 08 - E5000 Series

    Intel has added a fifth desktop Core 2 Duo processor to the list of 45nm 'Penryn' CPUs it plans to release early next year.

    The addition is the E8190, a version of the already scheduled E8200 that doesn't support virtualisation or Intel's Trusted Execution Technology, Taiwanese motherboard-maker moles claim by way of local newssite DigiTimes.

    The part will run at 2.66GHz, contain 6MB of L2 cache and sit on a 1333MHz frontside bus (FSB). Like the similarly specced E8200, it will consume up to 65W of power.

    January will also see the arrival of the Core 2 Duo E8300, E8400 and E8500, clocked at 2.83GHz, 3.0GHz and 3.16GHz, respectively, all with 6MB of L2 and a thermal envelope of 65W.

    The New Year will also usher in 45nm Core 2 Quads: the 2.5GHz Q9300, the 2.66GHz Q9450 and the 2.83GHz Q9550, all with four cores and 1333MHz FSBs. The Q9300 will have 6MB of L2 cache; the Q9450 and Q9550, 12MB. All three consume up to 95W.

    To these we can now add the April introduction of the Core 2 Duo E5000 series, low-end desktop chips that succeed today's E4000 line-up. They're likely to contain just 3MB of L2 and operate on a 1066MHz FSB, putting them under the current 4MB L2, 65nm Core 2 Duo E6000 range.


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    Banok FTW
    hmm I was hoping we might see a e8500 this year since people on the intaweb have already been getting thier hands on them.

    I hope the e8400/e8500 is not late january! since its such a good cpu I have to wait until it comes out to build my new rig.

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    Looking forward for 45nm Penryn Quad...
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    Looking forward for Pentium DualCore E3180.

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    i think gonna be GG for AMD liao..
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    i like the fact that they are hitting 3ghz with only 65w

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    won't be gg for Advanced Micro Devices, the most it will becoming Arabian Micro Devices. lol
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