Later today Santa Clara's Green Graphics Goblin, Nvidia will finally release the new (but old) nForce 780i and 750i chipsets for the Intel platform and one of the first (XFX was first) manufacturer to answer the call for new hardware is MSI. What Micro-Star International has for us today is a nice friendly couple made up of the P7N Diamond and the P7N SLI Platinum.

The nForce 780i-powered Diamond and the 750i-boasting Platinum both feature MSI's looping crazy Circu-Pipe cooling systems and come with full support for Intel's 45nm processors (Yorkfields and Wolfdales), DDR2-1066 support and SLI.

The higher-end P7N Diamond is triple-SLI ready and features no less than four PCI-Express x16 slots in case Nvidia will want to do quad-SLI again while the Platinum board is equipped with three PCI-Express x16 slots but supports only dual-card setups. Both boards feature solid capacitors and support eSATA but are separated by the number of SATA ports (6 for the Diamond, 4 for the Platinum) and Ethernet interfaces (two on the Diamond).

The two new boards are set to hit the stores soon but don't expect too many of them to be on sale this year (what's left of it).


P7N Diamond