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    QuadCrossFire With a Amazing Motherboard

    Until today the MSI K9A2 Platinum was the only motherboard with QuadCrossFire possibilty with HD3870

    But Foxconn unveils a new mobo with amazing 10 Slots !



    But what are the chips between the PCI Ex x16 Slot ?
    For Enhanced CrossFire ?

    Src : InfoMars

    To see other pics also InfoMars

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    the heatsinks looks like sham's handywork

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    But what are the chips between the PCI Ex x16 Slot ?
    For Enhanced CrossFire ?
    Those are IDT chips that split x16 into 2x x8.

    Basically, all those slots are PCI-E 1.0 x8 slots instead of dual x8/16 PCI-E 2.0.

    The same chip is used on the R680.
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    that is a really long board

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    Hmmm , 1200w power supply unit its not enough this days ahhhhhhh

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    that mobo is damn huge... but its

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    Sweee...water cooling for the nb and sb chiptset.

    This is the different between overclocker engineered mobo and non-overclocker engineered mobo

    But hard to get Foxxconn in Sg. Hope Sham will bring back some as a gift during this coming CNY..Big ang pao dah.

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    put liao... use onboard sound? lol

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    wa... knn siao bo.... xtreme sia.....

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    10 slots

    Quote Originally Posted by Sivitri View Post
    that mobo is damn huge... but its
    Hi everyone,
    Might be an E-ATX board or close to it. Thermaltake new cases (like the Armor Plus) has been designed for 10 slot boards.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    put liao... use onboard sound? lol
    Must use external DAC liao. Imagine the amount of EMF in the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwenze View Post
    Must use external DAC liao. Imagine the amount of EMF in the case.
    can't wait to see the score of this with 4x 3870x2 cards... jit tao OctoGraphico Processor...

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    holy cow! that is nice!