iOS users have been waiting for an official app ever since Google Play Music All Access was announced back at I/O 2013. A new report claims that the app might be launched later this month.

The Google Play Music All Access service was announced back at the I/O 2013. Its a music streaming service that is quite similar to rivals Spotify and Pandora. Users also have the ability to start off a new radio station even when they’re halfway through a particular track. Smart recommendations are offered to users, as the focus is to make it easier for users to explore new music.
An official app has only been available for Android as of now. Though back in May Sundar Pichai said that Google is going to release an official Google Music app for iOS in a few weeks. He didn’t exactly say when the app will come out. No exact release date has been provided as yet, only the timeframe that the app will be launched later this month. Google is said to be testing the app internally at this point in time, apparently it has invited employees to take it for a spin and report on any bugs that they might find.
Google is also rumored to be fixing a number of lingering bugs after which the official Google Music app for iOS is going to be ready for launch. It is said to be similar in functionality to its Android counterpart.
Source: Engadget

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