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    Arstechnica : Intel says no to Windows Vista

    History repeats itself: Intel chooses XP over Vista
    By Emil Protalinski | Published: June 26, 2008 - 04:59PM CT

    The New York Times is reporting that, according to an anonymous tipster close to Intel, the chip giant has decided against upgrading its computers to Windows Vista, and is instead clinging to Windows XP. The company, which employs about 80,000, made the decision after a lengthy analysis by its internal technology staff of the potential benefits of moving to Vista. It found none. At first glance, it would seem that Intel might be following in GM's footsteps and is considering "bypassing Vista," but after taking a closer look, this is not explicitly said. Intel is testing and deploying Vista in certain departments but it has not stated whether it is dismissing Vista altogether or if it is simply holding off a bit longer.

    It might come as a shock to some that this has happened before and may be no big deal. Microsoft blogger Ed Bott did a little digging and found that back in 2002, the same 80,000 employee-strong company announced it would be holding on to Windows 2000 a bit longer, instead of moving over to the superior XP. Many believe that business adoption of XP was very quick, but this is simply a myth. It is difficult to say whether Vista is doing better or worse than XP did for businesses; the sales numbers aren't terrible, but this means nothing when it comes to corporations and their decisions for upgrading.

    When the majority of businesses do eventually ditch XP, Windows 7 will already be available. Currently, Microsoft recommends upgrading to Vista before moving to Windows 7, but it's unlikely the company will be saying the same in 2010. If testing goes well and hardware and application compatibility problems do not plague Windows 7, adoption rates may go through the roof given that the upcoming OS is expected to have the same requirements as Vista. Either way, it's not as big of a deal as many make it out to be; many big corporations have deals with Microsoft where they regularly pay the software giant the same amount, regardless of whether they are currently using the latest OS or its predecessor.
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    When is Win7 going to launch? 2009?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Yeo View Post
    When is Win7 going to launch? 2009?
    take whatever m$ says and add 2 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by booest View Post
    Microsoft recommends upgrading to Vista before moving to Windows 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by simplyadvanced View Post
    take whatever m$ says and add 2 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Yeo View Post
    When is Win7 going to launch? 2009?
    Microsoft VP says it will probably launch near to Jan 2010, might be early a bit or later a bit.

    So if you have Win XP, can still enjoy now

    So if you have Vista, you don't have much time to enjoy

    Since Windows 7 is the "upgraded vista", people might choose to wait for that or perhaps not since it's vista related.

    Still waiting for Windows 8 news

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    haha mycocksoft windom virga

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    that's a pretty bad blow to MS

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    i thought Intel was negotiated with Microsoft to issue Vista compatible logo to Intel's lower end integrated video chipset. And now Intel denied to use it for their internal computers. What a joke.

    Microsoft should not have issued the logo for the lower end chipset for the sake of getting larger market share. This act is just hurting Microsoft when scandal break out.
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    Plenty of companies are not moving to Vista simply because it offers them nothing over XP. Not to mention they're not going to buy new computers (if their hardware is your old Pentium IV with 512MB RAM) just to support a change in operating system.

    As always, Microsoft's biggest competitor is themselves.

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    Well, vista just looks better than xp for no good. It won't increase the efficiency of a company's employees thus is not worth upgrading to.

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    cost-effectiveness is key to adoption...not just looks...
    For business....if the os can fulfilled it's role as a business has no big need for higher adoption

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