Are you a fan of large iPhone cases? Do you like crustaceans? Then you might also love Hamee’s new iPhone case.

Overly large iPhone cases may not be that portable, but they always bring more uniqueness than standard cases simply by making it not look like an iPhone. Hamee’s newest iPhone case is no different, though this time they seem to have combined both cute and scary elements in their giant isopod-themed iPhone 5 and 5s case. In case you’re wondering what a giant isopod is, you’re free to search the web, don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you though.
As seen here, the case perfectly wraps around your iPhone. It’s identity as a smartphone is completely sealed when viewed from the back. In fact, it even sort of looks like an alien communication device at this angle.
The huge size of the case may function as a cushion, but as with many other very large iPhone cases, they can be a bit unwieldy. Also, don’t expect that softness to reduce the amount of discomfort it may bring on your side pockets.
Hamee’s giant isopod iPhone case is currently available in Japan at a price that is equivalent to around $28.50.
Source: ITMedia (JP)

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