The Apple co-founder said that he meant it as “a form of comedy.”

Steve Wozniak is known for his frank public comments, his statements have made headlines in the past as well. Only recently in an interview Wozniak said that he believed it won’t be an entirely bad idea if Apple were to make an Android phone. He substantiated this by arguing that people would go for an Android phone developed by Apple as the company is well known for making premium phones, using some of the best materials and designs.
This statement soon made headlines, and might not have stuck a chord with Apple fans, who would probably never want the company to jump on the Android bandwagon. As per Gina Smith, who co-wrote Wozniak’s biography, he believes that the scribe which interviewed him actually got it wrong. Wozniak says that “they got it quite wrong for their own reasons.” He goes on to clarify that it was his own independent idea, though he simply gets more attention due to the fact that he co-founded the company.
Wozniak says that he “felt it was an interesting thing to say.” Obviously one must bear in mind the distinction between Wozniak’s personal comments and Apple’s own strategy, and seeing as how he’s no longer actively involved in the company, its unlikely that his statements can bring about a change in that very strategy. Rest assured, Apple won’t be making an Android phone anytime soon.
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