[...]A few days ago things got interesting, when Samsung sued back Nvidia, also claiming some alleged patent infringement (which, again, I am not interested in) but also another nice, sweet and interesting cherry… It just so happens that Samsung insisted that Nvidia’s claim that the SHIELD tablet, with its Tegra K1 processor, has “the world’s fastest mobile processor” is false and misleading. Samsung alleges that its Exynos 5433 processor is faster on a couple benchmarks. Well, hold on now skipper, I might not care about patent infringement claims, but when it comes to performance, benchmark is my middle name. Ok, my second middle name, after Monstru.

And guess what big bad Monstru has just here in the LAB501 headquarters… Hue, hue, hue… Have you guessed it yet? Your favorite bearded figure has both Galaxy Note 4 and Nvidia Shield Tablet. And when manufacturers make claims about performance, I sometimes like to remind them that we don’t care about the numbers they got in their test. Because we can test for ourselves. So… Samsung claims Exynos 5433 is faster than Tegra K1, and of course, Nvidia claims that their Tegra K1 is the mobile king. Who’s right? Let’s …get…. reaaaaady to ruuuuumble !!!!![...]

Nvidia Shield Tablet vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4