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    The Albatron "TEE PC" !!!

    Anyone can think of any good use for it?

    CPU: ARM926, 400MHz
    Screen 7”W, 800x480 w/TP
    Memory: SO-DIMM DDR 128MB
    Storage NAND flash 128MB
    Video codec, VGA@30fps
    WiFi and Blue Tooth support
    Battery: 10.8Whr
    Adapter: 5V, 2.5A
    Dimensions 18.8x11.3x1.29 cm
    Weight: 343g
    OS: Win CE6.0
    Swivel Camera 0.3/1.3M
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    Pic down w0rhz.

    Oh load liao.

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    is this PC only for Tee Gong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leong View Post
    is this PC only for Tee Gong?
    The 天 pc FTW...

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    specs abit CMI... else can use as a mini sketch pad for my dad...

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    pee pc anyone?

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    Windows CE ?? omg it sucks

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    Its rather pathetic, probably a console panel to control home appliances and etc...
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    Albatron? Last Albatron passed my hand was a socket 478 mobo!

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    woot ARM cpu!

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    good as a kiosk for people to do visitor registration

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    should be 14" so can be used as ebook reader.