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    AMD Demos Zacate, Llano, and Zambezi

    AMD Demos Zacate, Llano, and Zambezi - Forward Thinking by Michael J. Miller

    ....the 18-watt Zacate APU, which he said would deliver twice the gaming performance at half the power. There's also a 9-watt version called Ontario, which is aimed at low-power systems like netbooks and ultra-mobile form factors. Both of these use the new "Bobcat" core and are part of the Brazos platform, which he said would enable battery life of up to 10 hours

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    AMD begins shipping Brazos, announces Bulldozer-based APUs - The Tech Report

    We already know about Zambezi, Llano, Ontario, and Zacate, but the big news today was AMD's planned 2012 offerings. At the very high end, Komodo will feature eight second-generation Bulldozer cores (or "up to 10" cores, according to the press release), while Trinity will bring Bulldozer to the mainstream as part of a DirectX 11-class APU. Both Komodo and Trinity will be 32-nm parts, just like Zambezi and Llano. At the low end, Krishna will succeed Ontario and Zacate with up to four second-gen Bobcat cores manufactured using a 28-nm fabrication process—presumably of the bulk variety, either from TSMC or GlobalFoundries.

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