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    Silverstone Temjin 11

    Hi everyone,

    I realized that there was a lot of interest in my chassis so I have decided to reopen it forever. It would be good to sell it too so that I can focus on my audio

    Anyway, the chassis is in 9/10 condition. I removed the bottom HDD cages to make space for a future radiator but you can ask Gary to help you re-install them. Apart from the HDD cages, I have also purchased 2 Demciflex dust filters to protect the 2 bottom side panels from dust. Beyond these points to take note, everything is in stock condition. I will even throw in 4 sets of violet anodized replacement thumbscrews FOC!

    New selling method:

    1. COD: You pay in 1 shot, preferred method for users whom I do not have dealings with or people with no traderep

    2. Installment: Something like 40% / 30% / 30%. If you decide to cancel the purchase, I will refund you 70% of your total amount paid. The chassis must be collected only after the final installment is paid! Last of all, I will give you 6 months to finish paying the installment.


    3. Trade chassis: This depends on the chassis you have for trade; no Coolermaster chassis please. Lian Li and Antec P-series accepted. The top-up will be discussed based on what you offer.

    Last of all, price: 530 SGD, non-negotiable. A 10 dollars discount might be possible for polite, ethical sellers.

    Post in this thread or PM me. For my friends, you can always call me!

    Current offers:

    Athirr: Pending purchase by installments this Friday

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    bump it up.

    As mentioned...this will only last till 9th May 2012.

    After that, I'm closing the thread again.

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    bump it up
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    bump it up
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    Nice casing. Too bad I'm running low on vitamin M and my pc table can't support a casing of this size.
    Else I'll definitely be getting this from you.

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    wah selling again??
    Take note :
    1]Please confirm with me for Warranty/Box/Receipt/Condition if u want to purchase any item
    2]Item without warranty will be given 3Days personal warranty
    3]Any defects after the 3Days personal warranty will not be entertained
    4]Please check item before dealing or u can test it at my house
    5]Dealing location will be at [BOONLAY MRT or MY HOUSE]
    6]Priority will be given to those who purchase in bulk
    7]Any Bids below Starting Bid will be ignored
    8]Once Confirm any dealings please pm me your contact

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    up for nice and awesome casing
    1. I Reserve The Right To Deal With Whoever I Want
    2. Any Withdrawal Of Deal Will Lead To A Neg Rep From Me
    3. Dealing Location Will Be Agreed Before Deal

    If You Are Unable To Agree To My T&C Kindly Please Do not Bid Thanks

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    @ Ken: Gary give me good offer for V2120.

    So offload this for Lian Li
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    I very tempted.... price can negotiate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by L3nnon View Post
    I very tempted.... price can negotiate?
    I believe this is actually a very good price considering its actual SRP..
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    Thanks Terance for speaking up for me.

    Negotiate? Can....negotiate a more expensive price lor
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    update: Thread will close at 2200hrs.

    Will not entertain any request for sales after 10pm so don't wait and test my patience or kindness.

    Thanks all!
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    6hrs to go.

    I don't mind reserving provided you are sincere enough. Juz let me know by 10pm
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    free bump for great casing
    Do i lost my passion for HW?

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    Tempting stuff. Superb casing with superb seller

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