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    VR-Zone PC Show 2013 Exclusive - Find me your lobangs contest!

    Found a great deal? Negotiated for more freebies? Got a better discount than usual? Share your savings with us and save more!

    How to play:
    Find what you think is the best deal in PC Show 2013 and share what you found, its price and freebies in this thread along with photographic evidence! Yes, its that simple! It can be what you came across on a banner/flyer, something you negotiated with the salesperson, etc. We will then scrutinize each deal and decide on who to win the grand prize of $100!

    $100 Cash (That's right! No vouchers, just cold, hard, CASH!)

    1) Only deals found at the PC Show 2013 are eligible.
    2) Deals must be obtainable by other forum members (E.g: If you got it from a salesperson at the show, take down his name and booth number so that others can find him for the deals)
    3) Photo/scan of receipt/banner/flyer is required to validate the deal.
    4) Hourly specials/first xx purchases deals are not eligible
    5) Exclusive deals for you/family/company/etc are not eligible unless they can also be obtained by other forum members NOT related to you/family/company/etc.
    6) Multiple entries allowed, but they must be of a different deal (different freebies, discounts, etc)
    7) Winner and disqualifications will be decided at the discretion of VR-Zone. All decisions made by us will be final.
    8) Rules may be tweaked further to prevent cheating, so don't cheat!
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