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    Quote Originally Posted by medallion View Post
    Wah...not again...Sony and their big booth.
    yah lo same old thing. same old stage, same old models, same old way of showing their products =.=
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    they r so cute n pretty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iridiot View Post
    whole day the same few people
    Jaslin pic

    June blog
    OMG you drive me crazy.My heart...omg i need a doctor
    June-wee blog?Who is she? are you?
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    2nd pic, tt woman is hot..

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    the girls in wigs are pretttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    Gosh.....the one on the right looks mesmerizing. Can't seem to pull off my glued eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by v1nc3nt View Post
    And this anyone knows her name?

    veri chio....her back also veri she was walking rite infront of me....cant take my eyes off her sia...
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    wow what time the cat walk sia...
    missed the cat walk sia too many crowded @ lvl 4.

    I shopping for stuffs. Should have put my G800 with 3x optical to good use!
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    The one you like is Jaslin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z_Dash View Post

    Gosh.....the one on the right looks mesmerizing. Can't seem to pull off my glued eyes.
    her name is winnie :p

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    you cannot bend down a little to take the photo ar. wah lan eh

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    i didnt catch that over there level 4 kah? i was soooo busy at level 6 hooting.

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    no wonder most girls in the show are CMI, most of the good ones have been booked by Sony

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    Quote Originally Posted by hencpu View Post
    no wonder most girls in the show are CMI, most of the good ones have been booked by Sony
    And one of them booked by you also (your avatar)
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