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    aiyah.. somemore the price isnt any cheaper than sls, you only can bargain for more freebies at the last day, go sls can bargain for cheaper rate lor

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    Farewell with a BSOD

    Aiya I went for freebies nia, it always has been pasar malam what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreezinDevil View Post
    Farewell with a BSOD

    Aiya I went for freebies nia, it always has been pasar malam what.
    Whatever floats your boat...

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    Oil is REALLY running Out
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    There are good things to get, if you have the money and the knowledge of market prices (including in SLS, Funan)

    I got what I wanted.

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    i like working at it fair. its like a 4 day camp .

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    Quote Originally Posted by medallion View Post
    Lousy show. PC Show is like a pasar malam and not an international showcase of latest electronics and gadgets. Haiz. Doesnt live up to its word.

    Can bring in CES or CeBIT? I will gladly go to either both.
    last time PC show quite orderly quite quiet. now PC show is a SHOUTING feast, every booth got someone loud haller or mic PA system shouting non stop. espec the epson printer booth whole day ask ppl dont blieve come and see omfg. hear every 3 mth untill sian
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    welcome comex
    my rig: it isn't an oil rig. how i wish it was.

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    personally dun like marketing or promotion gimmicks utilized by certain vendors ....

    Seagate backup drive booth using loud hailer ... enticing pple with phrase
    - "Our booth is selling a product at special price of $1"
    - "Our booth deals with seagate backup solutions"
    - "$1 may not even get u a packet of Nasi Lemak"
    - "We have a product for $1 and I will not reveal details, check out at our booth"
    > so wats at the booth? some software @ $1 only with purchase of another product at full price ....

    Piece of crap ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Chicke View Post
    Why are there 4 PC shows a year anyway?

    These shows hardly are "international showcases", and they NEVER contain the "latest hardware".

    Methinks someone is trying to overcompensate because he can't make a better Computex. <_<
    CommunicAsia is an international showcase.

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    But, I wasn't referring to CommAsia (which counts as a Handphone show but not a PC show). Anyways, its not as if the public can visit CommAsia. It's Trade People only.

    The 4 culprits as posted by someone else:
    March - IT Show
    June - PC Show
    Sep - COMEX
    Dec - Sitex

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    communicAsia isnt just about Handphones.
    theres lots more to see
    broadcast stuff too

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    Broadcast stuff is a part of BroadcastAsia actually. The entire CommAsia is basically 3 trade shows crammed into the same room. <_<

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    i still missed a lot promotions over there. one day is enough for me liaw. All else no money go back home. Bye bye PC Show 08!!!

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    yay... bye bye pc fair.. i hate you!~~!~!! no crowd control >_>

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