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    Apple Promoter working at GreenLight Booth, hall 603, 6th level.

    Hi, are you looking for a MacBook/MacBook Pro/iMac? Come take a look at our booth at 6th level hall 603. GreenLight booth. Attractive free gifts. If you do not want the free gifts i can arrange for a CASH AND CARRY only option with a slightly lower price discount. Microsoft Office 2008 and AppleCare for very very low prices with any purchase of a MacBook Pro/iMac. Terms and conditions apply. I will try to close the deal with the best offer. Come and look for me (Wye Kheung) at the booth. Feel free to ask questions when you find me. Thanks.
    Citibank card holders enjoy a 0% interest free payment for both full payment and installment. Terms and conditions apply. Come and look for me for more info! Thanks!

    Wye Kheung.

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    Up! With every purchase of a MacBook/MacBook Pro/iMac, you can get either the Microsoft office 08 at $89 or the AppleCare at $199/288. Terms and conditions apply. Come down to the booth and take a look! Thanks!

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    what are the free gifts?

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    Yup interest with iMac 2.1''
    Can you pm me the best price and free gifts or something FREE..

    Must Collected to Suntec?

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    can you beat the ipod touch deal?

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    Come and find me over at the booth. Im a little to busy and tired to actually deal and settle anything after the show times like now. Hall 603 GreenLight booth. Look for Wye Kheung. Working as commission based so would appreciate it A LOT if you do come down and take a look plus deal on the spot if possible. THANKS!

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    Today we would also accept DBS cards. Come down and take a look! Ask for Wye Kheung. Thanks!

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