MWTS 2 pieces of XFX Double Dissipation Edition 7970 3GB(Non Reference).

XFX R7970 Double Dissipation Graphics Card Review | KitGuru

This is might want to sell thread as I am thinking of going full water cooling rig so might be getting a Reference card instead of using this pair of non reference cards.

I reserved the right not to sell and priority will be given to those getting two cards at once. You can share the bundled price with another buyer.

To be honest, I am very happy with these both babies and its a great improvement from my 580 GTX Lightnings SLI as they have 3gb VRAM and running BF3 Max settings at Max Res at 80 - 95 FPS at all times. If price is not met, I would rather keep it and just air cool them.

Items were bought in Cybermind in 29 Feb. Items are in very good condition as I take care of my stuff. All box, cables, cds, manuals are still intact. and will provide each card original receipt as its paid separately.

Working Condition: 10/10 (I dont OC my cards)
Outlook Condition: 9.5/10 (not perfect caused its used)

I am looking to sell them at $780 each or $750 each if you buy both together.

Prices per card

SB: $700
RP: $720

SRP: $869 each card (Cybermind)

One reserved by Game4u20.

Bundled Price


Lowballers dont bother to bid below the SB as your bid will be ignored.

interested parties pls contact me at 96828409.

Below are the pics of my cards

XFX 7970 Double Dissipation Crossfire.

Black and White shot of my Rig.