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    Thumbs up Brand New Abercrombie & Hollister Singapore - Shirts /Graphic Tees/Polos /Sweater


    Abercrombie in Singapore

    Hollister in Singapore

    100% Authentic imported from U.S.A (original receipt will be provided upon your request)

    BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE, comes with original tag attached.

    We can Cash on Delivery at:
    1) Newton MRT every Mon, 12pm or 7pm
    2) One Leicester (5 mins walk from Potong Pasir NEL) every Tues/Wed 7pm and 10.30pm

    If opting for postage, make payment to POSB savings 209-14578-2

    Distribution of items
    Normal Mail
    Fixed postage fees:
    1 top/accessories -$1.50
    1 pair of shoes/jeans/jackets -$2.55 or $3.55
    Multiple items but less than 1 kg: $2.55
    Multiple items but less than 2 kg: $3.55

    Any inquiries, please CALL/SMS/Whatsapp Xuan @90732118
    You can also drop me an email at [email protected]

    Thanks for looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saintsbball View Post
    You are the best \(0.0)/
    Quote Originally Posted by GGGGGG View Post

    Buy the original BIRKS from Xuan! Friendly/pretty/helpful MO organizer!
    Quote Originally Posted by stridersd View Post
    Certified good service!
    I did a urgent request for delivery via speedpost and TS really took the effort to do a speedpost delivery.
    Thx Xuan! really appreciate it! =)
    Quote Originally Posted by Samsung™© View Post
    Thumbs up for TS! Though this is my first time getting something from Amazon, TS helped me a lot and replied all of my emails promptly. Good service from TS
    Quote Originally Posted by sgenea View Post
    Hahaha!! Spree that never ends!!!

    UPPPZZ for a good seller even thought I did not participate in this MO, the previous MO I joined under sweetevil was excellent.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamsilver View Post
    TS has provided amazing service. A long overdue feedback since I was unable to comment the previous time I bought stuffs using her service.

    Self-collection was a breeze. Her ability to handle special requests is what had me blown away. Very helpful and friendly. Nice voice too

    Recommended to my friends who have used started using her service as well. Will definitely engage her service the next time I need to get stuff from Amazon again.
    Quote Originally Posted by tellaure View Post
    Second time joining TS's amazon spree; she is extremely meticulous and efficient.

    Will definitely use her service again if I'm getting anything else from amazon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thememberboi View Post
    Item received! Thanks Alot btw , you got a sweet voice!
    Quote Originally Posted by seanfoo2005 View Post
    went to collect the items just now! they were great!

    thanks xuan! (helpful and cute!) kekeke
    Quote Originally Posted by xKayuma View Post
    Hi Xuan!

    sorry for the late feedback.

    excellent MO organizer! quick and efficient. explain details to your understanding too!

    definitely getting another pair from her soon! thank you xuan!
    Quote Originally Posted by mohenjo View Post
    Collected my toms ytd. Great MO! Quick response from the organizer! Thumbs up for Xuan
    Quote Originally Posted by Nikeboy View Post
    I'd appreciate your TOMS MO.

    A dependable and young TS

    Thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by gladiusgg View Post
    Thank you sweetevil for your great assistance! I am very satisfied with ur service. Always responding promptly. Upz for great MO!
    Quote Originally Posted by leoleong View Post
    Received my item in good condition, great organizer and fast response. Overall very reliable MO organizer.
    Quote Originally Posted by lehhnard View Post
    Ordered a toms and a birks from this seller. Great seller. Reply text and return calls fast. texted her regarding the order once at 5am and she replied! (not a zombie)

    Most importantly, she is also very detailed so your order would not be mixed up!

    Will definitely continue using her service.
    Quote Originally Posted by SurgingIc3 View Post
    Prompt and efficient service from TS.. Highly recommemded among all the MOers in HWZ.. Keep up the gd job..
    Quote Originally Posted by magneto23 View Post
    Just received my order from MO #77. Very well organised and efficient.

    Thumbs up from me.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZacharyA View Post
    just collected my stuffs... Thanks Sweetevil..

    an organised and dedicated TS.

    hope you have a nice dinner with your loved one... =)
    Quote Originally Posted by skywander View Post
    Received my Birkies a couple of days ago, love them. Thanks very much, Xuan. Ups for great MO organizer.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeeeey View Post
    up for you. great helpful organizer
    Quote Originally Posted by bobobibi View Post
    Enjoyed my TOMS spree with Sweetevil organiser, she's prompt and responsive. You know your stuff's in good hands!
    Quote Originally Posted by kerulberul View Post
    collected my stuff 2 weeks after placing order^_^

    fast and reliable and very efficient. quick to reply my emails too ^_^
    place was easy to find with the given directions and map
    Quote Originally Posted by Dazedx View Post
    Hi xuan,
    Just received my shoes today. Thanks a lot!
    Ups for you (:
    Quote Originally Posted by SKinny86 View Post
    Sorry for the late feedback.
    Thanks for the order of my TOMS shoes! Shoes are in perfect condition. Took a while for the shoes to break through. But still preferred it half size bigger. Will definitely place another order with you next time!
    Quote Originally Posted by dEaTh1sCoMin View Post
    Packages received.

    Thanks alot for this wonderful sprees
    Quote Originally Posted by Melicious View Post
    Brilliant mo organizer! Good services and fast shipping! *thumbs up*
    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi978 View Post
    Hoho i received my Birkenstock today and was really satisfy with this MO .
    Ts replied to my sms and email quickly , fastest MO I've ever joined . 2 thumbs up
    Quote Originally Posted by Kensuke11 View Post
    Birks collected last nite in gd condition..

    Ups for nice MO organizer
    Quote Originally Posted by PS.Hipster View Post
    Great seller. No frills, received my watch in perfect condition. Fast next day mail out too.
    Quote Originally Posted by BYYYBYYY View Post
    Hi, i have collected my Birks already. Thanks for hosting this MO and really sorry for sms-ing you all the time. Haha! Big thanks to your mother(i suppose) as well for being our middleman. Will order from you again should i need anything! (: will contact you if i find any defects on the birks when i get home as well. THANKS!
    (PS: actually i do not have HWZ account, but becuz i want to share my feedback with all, i created.)
    Thumbs up for great seller.
    Quote Originally Posted by project.191 View Post
    Managed to pick up my order yesterday.
    Very efficient and fast service. Not to mention the friendliness too.
    Highly recommended *thumbs up*
    Will be buying more.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeff07 View Post
    Fantastic MO organizer!

    1) Notify us before and after the order
    2) Update us once the order is here with clear instruction on the payment. Including where to collect the item and how to reach the place.
    3) Very prompt in response
    4) Provides opinion on your order too (if you ask about the experience of that certain item)

    Strongly recommended!
    Quote Originally Posted by emo3lmo View Post
    Picked up the items at TS house.
    Was really late and TS's sister waited...
    Highly recommended for the services =D
    prompt reply and efficient in the handling of orders.
    Quote Originally Posted by hognairda View Post
    Finally got my parcel after about 1 month waiting. Was skeptical at first but sweetevil sure can deliver. If you wish to order from Amazon but do not want to deal with the hassle of arranging the transportation, you should order from sweetevil. Single point of contact and trouble free. Really trust worthy. Thumbs Up!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by brightside View Post
    UPS for Sweetevil's Mass Order! Very efficient and organized MO.

    Sweetevil is...

    Quick to reply your PMs
    Quick to reply to your SMSes
    and Quick to reply to your email queries

    Fantastic MO experience, compared to the others I've participated in. Although this is only my first MO with her, it is surely not the last. From the start to the end the MO was well executed and every update was sent very promptly via email.

    Overall I'd recommend anybody who's keen on getting your items from Amazon through her.


    Brightside(A very satisfied customer)
    Quote Originally Posted by eyz View Post
    Fast deal by TS!

    Collected my birks 6 days after placing my order!

    Quote Originally Posted by zazawa View Post
    received my shoes ytd, but didnt have time to check.
    up for good service,reliable and efficient seller!
    will recommend.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beateratorrr View Post
    Received my Birks!
    Efficient and responsible TS.

    Ups for you.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerozeroZero View Post
    Hey sweetevil!

    Thanks for bringing in my item!

    Really good seller with really quick response! Support!

    Will buy from you again! Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheese Steak View Post
    Received my item.
    TS was fast and responsive in answering my questions.
    Would recommend everyone to order from TS, as it saves
    you from all the trouble and worrying wherther your item will arrive safely.
    Quote Originally Posted by shadlightsg View Post
    Had received my item in good condition. prompt response from TS. Highly recommended!
    Quote Originally Posted by Damsianla View Post
    collected my item from TS ytd..

    collection was smooth and fast, just that i was abit confused upon reaching her place

    definitely reliable!
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeeeey View Post
    just collected the items.

    thanks for the effort and up for a great seller!
    Quote Originally Posted by SherlockHolmes View Post
    Hi Xuan,

    Received my TOMS shoes today. Thank you very much !

    Bumps for u!

    Will join your ASOS Spree once they restock !

    Thanks again
    Quote Originally Posted by detate View Post
    Received amazon #20 items in great condition, shipping rate is very reasonable. very trustworthy organizer with fast response to questions. provides very comprehensive and easy guiding for worry-free ordering and collection, great work !
    Quote Originally Posted by Dontellyou View Post
    Collected my shoes today. Perfect condition ^^
    Thanks for allowing me to collect at a later time. Ur mom is kind n helpful hehe

    Thumbs up!!
    Quote Originally Posted by kelvinkezz View Post
    Hi Xuan. received the stuff today. Thank you so much!
    Quote Originally Posted by mattanto View Post
    Hi Sweetevil,

    Collected my item on Friday. Thank you. Send you a PM with new list of items.

    Quote Originally Posted by fyfyfy View Post
    received my toms n birkenstock from ts, great experience and both ts and her mum were very helpful and friendly. wonderful, responsible and high recommended mo-er, will order from her again in future.
    Quote Originally Posted by turnerner View Post
    thanks xuan , collection of item was easy and fast =) am looking for more items from amazon will submit order soon , thanks again
    ZacDolski wrote:

    One of the best seller in HWZ MOC. UPSSSSS for Xuan!

    jeff07 wrote:

    1 of the best MO organiser i've encountered. Thumbs Up.

    marcho21 wrote:

    You have been a creditable MOer, trust you to deliver the fastest & best service to everyone!

    View Post GreatKen wrote:

    I received my item in my mail today. Efficient MO organiser with great attitude!

    View Post verified wrote:

    received my item today. As GreatKen commented, efficient and great attitude!

    View Post donlaughla wrote:

    upz for TS. A patient and efficient person. Glad to be dealing with her.

    View Post thechew wrote:

    ups for good and reliable seller!

    View Post ecwantstobuy wrote:

    active and efficient Mo organiser.


    View Post psycho270 wrote:

    One word - Awesome.

    View Post HeyYouThere wrote:

    Free bump for a great MO organizer

    View Post reccal wrote:

    Just received my items! Awesome TS

    View Post Potato89 wrote:

    Collected my items today! Great TS! For being patience and respond quickly

    View Post donlaughla wrote:

    Receive my stuffs on wednesday from MO. Helpful and patient person who will answer enquiries for your questions. Thank you.

    View Post zonnub wrote:

    Name of Spree: ASOS
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: Fast order and arrival of items. Very prompt reply to PMs

    View Post KUSANG wrote:

    up for great mo organiser
    received my item in my mailbox today
    replies to queries and PM really fast, sometimes i wonder if she ever sleeps
    anyway, recommended!

    View Post jeffchan23 wrote:

    Received my shirt, perfect condition.


    View Post kaneth wrote:

    Up for TS ! Received my items! Nice, fast and efficient MO-er! Thanks !!

    View Post Gintoki wrote:

    thanks ts ! gotten my stuff today.. and nice place !

    View Post Takatech wrote:

    Okay just receive my package! Thumb's up for you

    View Post yzxcyzxc wrote:

    Just received my stuffs.
    Thumbs up to TS for her service

    View Post Dahawk wrote:

    Ups for reliable and friendly seller

    View Post Numemon wrote:

    Cheers for efficient and good service.

    View Post myzzy1 wrote:

    Goods arrived. Up for good service and merry xmas.

    View Post blitz-dice wrote:

    received mine, thanks, and to your mom also

    View Post nonameisme wrote:

    thumbs up! great seller + great service

    View Post jericho12345 wrote:

    Surprise to be one of the winner for the $15 Levi voucher!
    upsss for fast n efficient mo seller

    View Post barthez_mu wrote:

    Thumbs up for sweetevil. Happy with my order =)

    View Post cutiedoggy92 wrote:

    hey! received my TOMs! recommended MO-er, really fast delivery! overall, satisfied

    View Post qwerty_hippo wrote:

    up for reliable and friendly organiser. Received my Fp shoes ytd.

    View Post blue_ice1985 wrote:

    Hi Xuan!.. if order now.. possible to get before CNY??.. Btw received my items already!.. Thanks alot for your wonderful work!.. very efficient!! =)

    View Post GeraldG wrote:

    Received my item today! Top condition! Everything has been wrapped perfectly. TS is a person with a lot of patience and will answer any questions clearly and swiftly. No good MO experience without a good MO organizer.

    Thanks once again, X!

    View Post redwax wrote:

    I've receive my parcel today! Thanks ts!

    Feedback: Reliable and efficient seller!

    View Post shadess wrote:

    Received my item today.
    Very reliable seller, prompt replies too!

    View Post GreatKen wrote:

    Item received in good condition, thanks!

    View Post Pryson wrote:

    Hello Xuan,

    Had received all the items, thanks a bunch !

    View Post mlstic wrote:

    Very good FP spree organizer. Fast, helpful, patience and prompt!

    View Post ZacDolski wrote:

    UP UP UP UP for TS.

    Received the shoe in good condition too. Thanks! Made a new order! I have been a loyal supporter of yours. Lol.

    View Post bLuRbEnG wrote:

    Receive my item yesterday...
    TS very friendly and quick to response.... Recommended...

    View Post FeNgZhEnG wrote:

    Great MO organizer...thks alot xuan~

    View Post shadowclause wrote:

    MO's organiser's mum assisted me well even though i don't really know where to head to in the estate.
    Thumbs up!

    View Post aaronskl wrote:

    shirt arrived. great quality but the size is too big. Im wearing M but their M is like L. would recommend people to get a size smaller(error on my part).

    patient and good seller nevertheless, recommended!

    View Post 'pfirr wrote:

    Hola! Thank you so much for the efficient MO (: Got my shoes today, everything was just smooth and hassle-free right from the start till the end!

    View Post JinYuan wrote:

    Collected my item from TS's place.
    Efficient MO organiser and a very patient person.!

    View Post tintin-san wrote:

    Went down to get my shoes just now!

    Great MO organizer!
    ~ Quick and efficient
    ~ Simple and clear instructions
    ~ Self collection was easy

    View Post stalejive wrote:

    Have collected my item from TS's place , very efficient , will give a detailed map for those driving and for those taking public transport...

    one of the best m.o conductor in hwz !!

    View Post Herroin wrote:

    Up or 2 MOs! 1 by post and 1 by self-collection. was late to collect my things but MO organiser is excellent, patient and sweet for waiting.

    View Post Adrian83 wrote:

    Hi Xuan!

    No Worries. As long as i got my items, i'm a happy man. No need for your apologizes.

    Busy for cny thus didn't really have time to reply you. No doubt your a good MO organizer whom takes time to make arrangement and even not at home, there is always a 2nd option (btw your mum is really friendly). And items from ASOS and Fred Perry are received in excellent condition.

    Definitely if i need any items from any MO, you would be the 1st person comes in my mind and def will recommend to my friends. Up for you!

    View Post LoOpEr wrote:

    Great MO (10/10) with a sweet voice.

    Would recommend others to buy from you

    Outstanding service, was able to collect later than the given timing (7-10pm), goods in perfect condition.

    Ps: sorry to make your mum wait for me

    View Post cookies_n_cream wrote:

    collected from TS alr, nice person. highly recommended for u guys to get your TOMS

    View Post marcho21 wrote:

    Happy Belated Birthday Xuan!!!

    Hope you would continue to provide excellent service for all HWZers for a long long time.

    Best Regards
    Very Satisfied Customer

    View Post ZacDolski wrote:

    THUMBS UP for good TS! Fourth order from TS already.

    Fast and responsible! TS called immediately when there is no stock .

    Mailed out my stuff ytd and i received it today. Thanks. Left with the shoe only of my friend. Believed will reach him tml.

    and a very plus point; TS has a sweet voice too!

    View Post Ryanhm90 wrote:

    Hi, I received my Toms Shoes and i really loved it very much. Ty TS for your efforts and sorry for my endless SMS LOL.

    Tips: For those still worrying about the size fitting, u have not to worry as TOM Shoes sizes are very closely exact to your shoe size that u normally wear. I personally wearing size UK 9.5 and i ordered us 10.5.

    Conclusion, it fits perfectly.

    Btw, TS having a very beautiful voice LOL

    Thank you all for your support
    Last edited by sweetevil; May 26th, 12 at 05:16 AM.

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