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    WTS : New Moon Premium Abalone (New Zealand)

    Got them from lucky draw.
    Can't finish so many cans.
    Letting go cheaply at $32 each (NTUC FairPrice promoting at $39.80 now).
    Expiry in Nov 2012.

    Meet up on Sunday Clementi Central KFC 1.15pm/
    Wheelock Place on Thursdays 4-6pm/
    Self collect from my place at Jln Jurong Kecil.

    Kindly PM me if interested.
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    how many cans on hand? let me know if u r willing to let go at 15 per can, thks
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    wah lan, low ball until like that. $15, if its mine, i rather eat all .
    be nice, bid a decent amount.

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    upz for the abalone

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    upz for the evening

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphadog View Post
    wah lan, low ball until like that. $15, if its mine, i rather eat all .
    be nice, bid a decent amount.
    Must fully agreed on what he say, from the trading rep, you shouldnt be offering doing this...
    Im interested, send you a pm later..dont worry that you cant sell it off when chinese new year is coming..
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    up for the nite

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    upz for the morning

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    thanks to those who bought

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    still available

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    The same thing you are selling - New Moon Premium Abalone (New Zealand)


    Comtech New Moon sales is selling this for just S$30 and lots of stocks left. And yes, the same as yours.

    Location: the Comtech.
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    where is it?
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    Thanks for informing.
    Price reduced to $30 each.

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    How many cans ?
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