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    RSL Millennium 6 Racquet for sale

    Brand new RSL Nova 6160 Racket for sale......
    Stringed 24lbs with Ashaway Power gut 66mm.
    Plastic on grip still intact.
    Brand new.No scratches or chips.In perfect condition.
    Details attached below.

    + P Balance

    High Tension Frame of up to 25lbs of String

    TensionShaft Diameter : 7.0mm

    Weight : 3U (84g – 86g)

    Flex : Medium Stiff

    Length : 670mm

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Product Remarks

    Poly-Matrix Carbon
    Wrinkle Free Technology
    2Point Titanium
    X Titanium
    Anti Twist Technology
    Strong Light Weight Construction
    Super Silm Shaft

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    Millennium 5 Ti 77 (yellow) is also available.
    My 2 and only RSL racquets....Plastic on grip still intact.Brand new.

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    I think you left out your asking price....would you like to include you asking price for both the racquets?

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    $80 for Millennium 6
    $70 for Millennium 5
    Brand price.

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    NO takers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gako
    NO takers?
    The price is slightly steep. Do consider lowering the price?

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    I would love to lower the price but thats the cost price for me and its brand new.Good and best price le.Do consider please.

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    Price dropped to $70 for Mill 6 and $60 for Mill 5.
    Its Christmas.The season to be jolly and the season to share.
    Final price.Best price.

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    Racquet still available....
    Any keen buyer?

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    Both sold.Thanks for viewing.