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    Which is more nutritious, boiled brown rice or boiled potato with skin?

    Please explain in terms of health, fitness and bodybuilding.

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    Boiled brown rice is good satiety, boiled potato is high in GI so pre/post workout meal with boiled potato is not bad.

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    Yeah, brown rice is more beneficial than boiled potato with skin.
    Usually, Rice and potatoes are both rich in starches. But you don’t have to eliminate them from your diet to maintain stable blood sugar levels, according to the Glycemic Index Foundation. Instead, combine these starchy foods with those that have a low glycemic index value to minimize their negative effects.
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    depending on what are your fitness goals are.. high glycemic or low glycemic index carbs play a different role in your fitness journey. and different bodies react differently to different food. you may need high glycemic food after your workout to replenish glycogen store(to look fuller).

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    I think boiled rice is more nutritious than the boiled potato. Rice has good impact on the health and you can take it as a dinner option for staying healthy. It also helps in weight gaining with a very little effort. I usually eat boiled rice at night most of the times. Am I right?

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    I believe boiled brown rice and boiled potato with skin both have starches in them. You need to eliminate as much sugar and starch to achieve a nice, muscular body. Focus on proteins such as chicken breasts, fishes, etc.

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