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    Arrow [FOR AWARENESS] Beware of Fake SG Mobile Phone Sellers Trying to Scam your $$$$

    Just thought I would like to raise awareness on the rise of overseas $$$ scammers (particularly from the Philippines and they operate in syndicates and their con-tactics are getting more advanced lately) using SG prepaid SIM cards and posing as locals and asking for ppl to contact them via Whatsapp only.

    Remember, when someone specifically states in their ad to ONLY WHATSAPP them, its most likely a Scam. You will find the number uncontactable when you try to SMS them or call them because they are using SG Prepaid SIMs hooked up via WIFI on Whatsapp to maintain contact.

    It appears the old tactic of asking for $$$ thru email and sending copy of Singapore ICs / Driving Licences to prove they are genuine sellers no longer works, and they decided to step up their game. Now they have resorted to creating Bogus websites posing as Singapore mobile dealers, selling gadgets and mobile phones with delivery service and even Customer service via Whatsapp. You can see how determined they are to try to con your $$$ instead of getting a job.

    Some bogus companies that I spotted - singmobiletech and and Holy Soul Electronics Pte Ltd. And they are flooding their ads on HWZ, Carousell and Gumtree posing as shop dealers or as end users in need of cash and urgent to sell. And btw, many of the numbers you see on these ads telling you to whatsapp them are all traced to the companies I stated above, which means its a whole syndicate of them out there trying ways and means to cheat your $$$.

    Besides posing as individual sellers, they also masquerade as legitimate resellers, advertising a range of products. Sometimes their website is accessible, and sometimes it disappears. They even list their address at common locations like shopping malls e.g. Changi City Point, Raffles Clifford Centre but with NO unit address if you actually observe well enough. A check with Singapore's business registry ACRA also shows these businesses do not exist, nor are they tenants in the addresses they stated.

    Best part, I tried to contact one of them and pretended to be interested to test the water. The person over Whatsapp tried to act professional and even said they would provide the delivery details and shipping number. When I asked to provide a photo of the actual product, the person sent me a photo which was obviously taken from Google search.

    Just like to remind folks here, the minute you transfer the money to them, your $$$ is as good as gone, as the crooks are clearly exploiting SG's consumer laws that have no power to reclaim your loss nor prosecute the ones who scammed you even if they are based in SG. Even with a Police report, you will end up being taichi-ed here and there and referred only to agencies like CASE and Small Claims Tribunal which is a waste of time. Even if you can provide the bank account number used to scam you, the authorities will not do anything much to help you.

    For sums below $2500 on consumer disputes, all are referred to Small Claims which do not enforce legal action against the criminals except wasting a few weeks of your time waiting, only to have the court registrar grant you the compensation award since the scammers wont turn up to court, and then you (yourself) have to locate the scammers' address, which means its as good as nothing since the scammers are either based overseas or untraceable.
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    can we request admin to remove the posting and ban the account and IP?

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    u can try reporting the post to the admin/mods using the report button. for more info, look at this sticky post in the garage forums:

    however, do take note that vr forums and the admin/mods are not responsible for a person's stupidity if they are dumb enuff to transfer. even if the account and ip is banned, they will just come back again with another email address and ip. it has been a losing battle against these types of jokers from what i heard.

    therefore, it is up to the users to police the place and report fishy scam posts to the admin/mods to determine if it is a scam and then the post will be deleted if it is found to be a scam.

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    cheating is a seizable offence
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    wa. what people will do to earn money... thanks for alerting the public. but should alert the police!

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    what can the police do???? i doubt they are willing to take on this cases.. unless u really got cheated.. if you didnt bite the bait then there isnt any victim hence no case to go on...

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    well, I might be the I want to laugh myself because I have been doing online shopping for years from US, CN, JP, KR, and quite frequent in SG but this is the 1st time I got cheated. I guess I just overlooked the risk of dealing with strangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksun View Post
    well, I might be the I want to laugh myself because I have been doing online shopping for years from US, CN, JP, KR, and quite frequent in SG but this is the 1st time I got cheated. I guess I just overlooked the risk of dealing with strangers.
    I can't believe someone actually fell for such a scam. I dunno whether to laugh at or to sympathize with you. The biggest mistake is contacting them via whatsapp and failing to realise the address they provided is non-valid?

    The number is there, you could have just rang them up to enquire. If the number is unavailable while available only via whatsapp then something is clearly wrong. Common sense - If they have a shop address, why would they bother to waste postage $$$ to deliver the item to you? As stated on their website - 304 Orchard Road is actually Lucky Plaza. Notice they dun even have a unit address? Lol.

    Anyway not to be confused with Elite Gadgets Technical Communications LLP. 304 ORCHARD ROAD #B1-79 LUCKY PLAZA Singapore 238863 -

    The scammers used a valid registered SG company's BRN and address to pose as themselves. Elitez Gadgets in lucky plaza sells games and tech toys. I doubt the company is even aware someone is posing as them to operate a scam business website.
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    up for the thread, i still found many scammer active in vrzone.

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    Hey guys, what if I have been scam for an amount of $1250 by these scumbags E-MobileGadget. The case has been reported to Police. I really wanted to punch his bloody face. Is there any chance i will get back the money?
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