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    Thumbs down Sucks ASRock Warranty Service from AVERTEK ENTERPRISES P/L

    Sent my ASRock mother board for warranty repair on 1st September 2016 and when enquire when the repair will be ready, the customer service replied it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
    On the 3rd week, they said the parts not ready and will probably be ready in the next few days.
    Called again the the mid of 4th week and the supervisor who attended replied that it still not the end of the 4th week and will have to call them again to check at the end of 4th week.
    Called today, 3rd October 2016 which is already in the 5th week and the same supervisor who answered replied that the part hot here due to the typhoon in Taiwan. He will need to check with Taiwan for the delivery status and let me know in about 2 days.
    As what i know, Taiwan declared typhoon holiday for 27th & 28th September which my part should have been repaired by then instead of completing the repair in the factory on the 4th week as it will take another approx. 1 week to deliver.
    Hopefully, my part is repaired by now in the factory and let see if there will be another typhoon, tsunami of volcano to delay the delivery as an excuse.

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    You must be a newbies.

    Usually mobo RMA take 8 to 10 weeks for replacement.
    Who told you 2 to 3 weeks? The Indian guy or the specky Chinese guy at Avertek?
    The Chinese guy is new. Don't think the Indian guy will quote you 2-3 weeks.

    You can check it out with other distributor like CDL, Corbell or Bang Leong. Don't think any of them will tell you less than 8 weeks.

    Avertek is one of the good distro that I have encountered. If you are RMAing an older model mobo, the replacement time will take longer.

    Note: There was a series of shutdown in Taiwan in Sept and Oct. 2 Big Typhoon in Sept. One day due to Teachers Day in Sept and 4 days of holiday due to Double 10 (Independence Day) from 07 Oct to 10 Oct.
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    RMA 2-3 weeks for parts if on time I very happy alr. If not on time what do, only expected. Sad but true. Especially for a part like mobo, cheap but big and problematic.

    Easily waited 6 weeks for mine.

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    Was it for a relatively new chipset or from previous generation?

    Depending on the model or warranty status or stock availability, previous generation boards typically require 4 to 8 weeks for replacement.

    Avertek is one of the better distributors (and warranty support for the boards sold under me), some unscrupulous ones may even impose shipping fees for product with official warranty...even to a re-seller.
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    Especially for a part like mobo, cheap but big and problematic.

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    never had a bad experience in terms of RMA service with Avertek.

    The RMA team that recently helped me with 2 visits for my Asus X99-WS & Asus H81 motherboard was really professional.

    Kelvin (the chinese guy with specs), was very friendly and efficient and rendered very good service and tested the board and even flashed the BIOS for me.

    Ram (the indian guy), was also very pro service in my previous visit when i RMA-ed my old ASUS H81 motherboard...

    the industry standard practice across the local distributors for motherboards with local warranty is to send back to Taiwan for testing and for replacement which will take about 6 weeks to 8 weeks is they do not have the stock on hand. this is usually the case after the product has been launched for more than 12 months.

    to my knowledge Gigabyte (CDL Trading) really honors their 1st year 1 to 1 replacement for their products sold.

    For ASUS Products, just check if it has the Avertek warranty sticker behind then Avertek in Kallang is the right place to bring it to.

    Ban Leong RMA service also is fantastic... go there got free water to drink too!

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    If the warranty is out there is literally nothing they can do
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    so, it's been months now, did you receive your RMA'd mobo already?

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