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    Thumbs up Real Online Mobile Scammers Alert!!!

    Hey guys just to warned buyers especially our Singaporeans to be aware of those pathetic real scumbags scammers. These scumbags usually tries selling their mobile phone gadget brand new at a lower retail price. Apps like Trezo,Carousell, Letgo, Gumtree and Locanto. These scumbags are not from Singapore and they are using our Singapore mobile number and bank account. Recently I have been scammed an amount of $1250 by these scumbag at Trezo. He claim he is from E-MobileGadget owner his real name Verra Mathura but and he claim using some fake id. He says item will be deliver the next day but I waited to no available. When asked for refund he blindly keep quiet and ignored my msg. Real fckers Indians or Eurasian cheapskate. Those selling at a low price for a brand new is the real target of being a scammer. Hope the Police will track the bloody beggar. See where he can run away. Btw his Mobile Phone number is: 96148550 and Bank Account:010-2-040736

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    Why did you pay him? Is crazy. Meet up, test the stuff, then pay him. If you have his name, phone, account can complain police already!

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