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    Boycott Carousell! They extort money from the people!

    Carousell’s Nightmare: Bump Feature, End of Days!

    For those who are complaining about the new paid feature called bump, continue doing so. You are doing it right. The new Bump feature is a game changer to all Carousellers, and it’s not a great change at all. It is the first and most predictable step of converting the zero profit app into a money-making freemium app. It is the end of days for Carousell users and the domination of the unregistered “businesses” flooding the market.

    Today, we will do a full breakdown on how bumps will change Carousell and why bumps will become a nightmare for all Carousellers.

    Bump works the same away as it is on forum sites. The basic 3-day bump bundle priced at S$2.98 will move your post all the way to the top for three days at the exact time you purchased the bump. For example, bumping a listing at 7 PM will lead to 2 more bumps at 7 PM for the next two days.
    The effect of a bump is instant but varies across different search keywords. This is because a bumped listing still behaves like a regular listing which is deleted and republished and will move downwards again as more Carousell users list or bump a similar item onto the platform. And for dummies, no, a bump does not guarantee a sale. It only increases the exposure and reach of your listing. That's all. It's just a marketing gimmick promoted by Carousell.

    Never use the Bump feature if you are a casual user on Carousell i.e. selling used items. Not even if your item costs a thousand bucks. Carousell is increasingly less of a place for Singaporeans to get rid of 2nd hand stuff as time goes by. The bump feature is targeted towards “businesses” on Carousell who have large amounts of stock available for all their items. Hence, spending S$2.98 is only justifiable and cost effective if you have lots of the same thing you are trying to sell.
    You do not need to bump expensive items as well since the competition are a lot lower than low-cost items.

    Just as Facebook, Google and YouTube has done, tweaking and limiting the potential of Organic (Unpaid/Natural) posts and search results is so simple. It is likely that Carousell may follow suit and make it more compelling for users to purchase their bumps as well. Carousell is just an app that was initially made to beat freemium marketplaces, such as Gumtree, Qoo10 Marketplace and Shopee, has now too joined the dark side. It will not be surprising to see more premium features surfacing on this Singapore-made online trading marketplace. A small local company who doesn't realize where they stand but have the cheek to act big.

    Anyone who found their paid service implementation as unfair can just protest by spreading this thread on social media or distribute flyers to all residential estates letter boxes.

    It is true that Carousell has implemented blocking algorithms to aid their illegal money sucking activities.

    Sam Leong
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    Carousell has been the worse place to sell anything especially used items. I could sell tech stuff in forums much faster than fcuking carousell with array of idiots who dont know about the product or just too lazy to google. Yes the bump feature is retarded so are most of the users in there who are mainly lowball retards who would even ask for discounts for a 80% off item. Only use carousell if you are not ina hurry to sell the product, provided that the price is relevant.

    They also will ban sellers for using hasty words like idiot or "fcuk off lowballers" instead of addressing the flawed bidding/purchase/messaging system. Worst, if someone not happy with you, they can just spam and leave comments and you can't even delete it. Be aware, they kept ALL of your chat transcripts in the messages, even if you have deleted them.
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    I've heard that they totally take the side of buyers, like paypal. If the buyer complains you've had it. They'll just suspend your account until you give a full refund to somebody who didn't bother to read your description or who used your stuff, damaged it and want a return. Don't know if that is true. Anyone know?

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    I've never encountered anything like that before. But the best thing to do, in my opinion, is to avoid this system, and you won't be scammed.

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